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Expected Graduation Date: June 2013 Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College of CUNY BP-ENDURE Program Scholar Honors Thesis in Psychology: The Effects of Mold Exposure on Learning and Spatial Memory in Mice. Principal Investigator: Cheryl F. Harding, Ph.D.
Research Experience

Cognitive, Affect and Psychopathology Lab Research Assistant Mariann Weierich, Ph. D. at Hunter College Conduct research that seeks to examine how the brain and visual system process affective material using computerized experimental tasks, eye-tracker and fMRI techniques. • Carry out experimental protocols that include computerized tasks, • Enter, prepare, and analyze study data using SPSS Statistical Software. • Create a how-to-guide on using FreeSurfer fMRI Software for • Participate in and contribute to weekly lab meetings. Galapagos Academic Institute for Arts and Sciences (GAIAS) Researcher Carlos Valle Ph. D at La Universidad San Francisco de Quito Conducted a study on San Christóbal, Galapagos that sought to determine how prevalence, age, and sex of lava lizards vary with time of day, temperature and humidity. • Applied research methods of evolution and ecology through field Psychoneuroimmunology Lab Research Assistant Cheryl F. Harding, Ph. D. at Hunter College Conducted research that seeks to develop a mouse model of the effects of mold exposure on neural and cognitive function. • Carried out a variety of behavioral tests on cohorts of mice including Conditioned Fear, Morris water maze and Object Recognition. • Anesthetized mice and administered mold instillations. • Trained in brain removal and perfusions. • Experienced in Cleversys Behavior Recognition Software and Psychiatric Affective Neuroimaging Lab Research Assistant K. Luan Phan, M.D., Ph. D at The University of Michigan Conducted research that seeks to examine the effects of THC on the human brain’s default mode network using fMRI techniques. • Assisted in designing a computerized task for fMRI. • Trained in carrying out fMRI experimental safety protocols and • Conducted analyses of a given data set using SPM fMRI Software. Neurobiology Emotions and Memory Lab Research Assistant Stephen Maren, Ph.D. at The University of Michigan Conducted research that seeks to develop a rat model of the effects of fear conditioning on emotional learning and memory. • Carried out a variety of behavioral tests on cohorts of rats including • Assisted in rodent surgeries involving canula placements, brain tissue • Administered IP injections. • Trained in brain slicing using a cryostat and slice staining. • Analyzed data sets used SheepShaver Statistical Software. Awards and Honors
01/2012 Honors in Psychology Major (thesis unpublished) 04/2011- Present Psi Chi: The National Honors Society in Psychology at Hunter College 04/2011- Present BP-ENDURE Program Fellowship 04/2011 Best Library Research Paper Award Winner 04/2010 Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women (JFEW) Scholar Full merit scholarship to Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College Peter Vallone Academic Achievement Award Valedictorian (Queens County Savings Bank Quality Student Award for the Highest Cumulative Average in all Studies) at W.C. Bryant H.S. President’s Award for Educational Excellence (Gold Seal)
Scientific Presentations

Zakiniaeiz, Y., Lyu, S. A., Arango, T., & Weierich, M. R. (2012, April). Age-related differences of affective brain response to novel faces. Poster session presented at the meeting of NorthEast Undergraduate Research Organization for Neuroscience (N.E.U.R.O.N), Hunter College, New York, NY. Zakiniaeiz, Y., Prater, K., Rabinak, C., De Witt, H. & Phan, K. L. (2011, November). Δ9-THC reduces connectivity between default mode network regions during non-task periods within an emotion task. Poster session presented at the meeting of Diversity in Neuroscience Poster Session and the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Poster Session at the Society for Neuroscience Conference. Washington DC. Zakiniaeiz, Y. & Harding, C. F. (2011, April). The effects of mold exposure on learning and spatial memory in mice. Talk presented at The 39th Annual Hunter College Psychology Convention and The 15th Annual N.E.U.R.O.N Conference. New York, NY. Memberships

Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) Work Experience

Vice President of Psych News at Hunter College Design, edit and write for the Psych News magazine for Hunter College. Manage administrative tasks such as budgeting and planning events. 09/2011- Present Resident Assistant at the Hunter College Brookdale Campus Create social, educational, service and recreational programs, manage administrative tasks such as maintenance and incidence reports, provide personal, academic and career mentoring and to undergraduate residents. Study Abroad/ Study Away Experience

Evolution, Ecology and Conservation of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands Trip Macaulay Honors College at CUNY via The College of Staten Island Studied the ecology of various islands of the Galapagos archipelago, learned how Darwin’s theories shaped the concept of evolution, assessed ways of conserving endemic species and marine life, examined the biodiversity of the Macquipicuna Reserve Cloud Forest of Ecuador. Spanish Language and Literature of Mar del Plata, Argentina Trip Hunter College at CUNY Studied the culture and language of this city at the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, visited the capital city of Buenos Aires, and the surrounding countryside in a one month immersion while taking two intermediate level Spanish language courses. History, Art and Culture of Barcelona, Spain Trip Queens College at CUNY Studied the history, art, and culture of this Mediterranean city, visited its monuments and museums and participated in excursions to its most prominent historical and cultural sites in a one month immersion while taking an Art History course. New Orleans Service Learning Trip Macaulay Honors College at CUNY Participated in the renewal, rebuilding and rebirth of New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina, engaged in collective efforts and undertook a series of tours to understand the city’s history, culture, and geography. Other Relevant Experience

Chelsea Elliot ‘I Have A Dream’ Program Volunteer Tutored, supervised and assisted elementary and middle school children in the tri-state area in all subjects of their homework to help them reach their career goals and assure opportunity for higher education. Macaulay Honors College Mentor Encouraged and advised students on how to balance education, career, and extracurricular activities. Columbia University Academic Associates Program Volunteer
Screened and secured their consent patients consent for involvement in
research studies conducted at the St. Luke’s/ Roosevelt Hospital
Emergency Department.
Computer Skills

Foreign Languages Spoken



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Dear general practitioner

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