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January 30, 2006

“Making It Here TeenStyle” on WBGY showcases local teenagers’ accomplishments. If you would like to perform (band, solo, rap,
comedy, dance), contact lroginski@wgby.org.

The FAFSA online worksheet is now available in the Guidance Office and should be filled out as soon as possible To apply
for federal assistance loans and grants and work study programs using their Web sites, contact:
• www.pin.ed.gov
Vermont students can access the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation at www.vsac.org for VT financial aid resources.
Many scholarships include a volunteer community service component as part of the qualifications for consideration. Make sure your
community service hours can be verified by your service organization.
Applications for the following scholarships are available from Mrs. Gill in the Guidance Office or online as directed:
American Legion Oratorical Contest
Based on an assigned topic on some phase of the Constitution that tests the speaker’s knowledge of the subject, the extent of research, and the ability to discuss the topic. Contest guidelines at www.legion.org. BestBuy Scholarship
Available at www.bestbuy.com/scholarships. Seniors with good grades and outstanding community service are eligible. AXA Achievement Community
To a senior who shows ambition, motivation, and demonstrated outstanding Scholarship
achievement in school, community, or work activities. Asthma & Allergy Foundation of
Open to seniors who experience asthma or significant allergies, who plan to America Scholarship
begin higher education after high school, and have attained academic and/or extra-curricular excellence. Greater Boston PFLAG scholarship
Open to any senior based on an essay. Applications available at National PFLAG Scholarship
All-USA High School Academic Team
Looking for seniors who excel in scholarship and leadership. The most important criterion is the student’s outstanding original academic, artistic or leadership endeavor. High School TV Journalism Contest
Recognizes excellence in student television journalism. Entries are news programs 30 minutes or less in length produced by students for local cable TV outlets or internal school usage. Robert J. Watson Memorial Scholarship
Any senior who has participated in a Chapter I/Title I program during their school years K-12 and who plans further education. Mary P. Oenslager Scholastic
Recipients must be legally blind and registered as an RFB&D member, and Achievement Awards
have at least a 3.0 GPA. Submit an online application at www.rfbd.org. Marion Huber Learning Through
Given to students who have a specific learning disability and are registered as Listening Awards
an RFB&D member, have a B average and plan to continue with college education. Online applications available at www.rfbd.org. USA Today/SAMMY Scholarship
Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year is based on academic performance, athletic excellence, leadership, community service, and milk experience. Submit application at www.whymilk.com. Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a senior who has made a meaningful contribution to animal protection over a significant period of time. The National Federation of Independent
Given to students with demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit/initiative. Business Free Enterprise Scholars
Applicants must be nominated by a NFIB member, submit an application and Ad Club of Albany Scholarship
Awards scholarships to students enrolling in a communications-related field of study. The students must be attending a college in the Albany region: Berkshire, Bennington, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Montgomery, Hamilton, Greene, Fulton, Columbia, Albany, Warren, Washington counties. League of Women Voters of Mass.
Based on the Bill of Rights and open to students grades 7-12. Contact Online Student Essay Contest
Will award scholarships to seniors planning to pursue a degree in the field of Human Services. Selection is based on involvement in volunteer or paid activities with individuals with disabilities, potential contribution to the field, and academic achievement. Community Foundation of Western
Offers a number of specific scholarships and loan programs: James W.
Colgan Loan; Wm. & Vinnie Dexter Scholarship; Christine Mitus Rose
Memorial Scholarship
for students whose parent has died of cancer; Eleanor
M. Morrissey Scholarship
for nursing degree; National Association of
Insurance & Financial Advisors Scholarship
for students whose parent is
receiving S.S. disability benefits or has died; James Z. Naurison Scholarship
for demonstrated financial need; Putnam Scholarship for African American
and Latino students (pastoral recommendation preferred); Kimber Richter
Family Scholarship
for students of Baha’i faith; September 11th
Remembrance Scholarship; James L. Shriver Scholarship
to pursue a
technical career; Margrit H. Sutton-Annen Student Loan for students of
Swiss descent; Lucius H. & Dorothy J. Tarbell Scholarship for students
attending Western New England College.
Mass. Council on Alcohol Concerns
The theme of both contests is “I’m for Sobriety in Society” to highlight the Essay & Poster Contests
value of not drinking. See Mrs. Gill for details. Mass. Nursery & Landscape Assoc.
Offers a scholarship for a Mass. resident who will major in a horticulture or Foundation for Educational Excellence
Valley Press Club Scholarship
Offered to seniors planning a career in journalism/communications. Ayn Rand Institute Essay Contest
Based on an essay that must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophical and psychological meaning of The Fountainhead. Go to www.aynrand.org/contests for essay topics and contest rules. John J. Ingalls Memorial Scholarship
Sponsored by United Cerebral Palsy of MetroBoston who will award scholarships to seniors with a diagnosed physical disability. Hillcrest Educational Centers
Awarded to seniors planning to pursue a degree program in a field related to Scholarship
Jewish Federation of the Berkshires
Awarded to seniors for devotion to Jewish studies, demonstrated leadership, College Scholarships
and active membership in the Jewish community. Six different scholarships are available. Sons of the American Legion
Offered to Vermont seniors planning further education in a trade school or Scholarship
technical college and whose parent or grandparent is a member of the American Legion family or who is a direct descendent of a veteran. The Daniel Pearl Berkshire Scholarship
Established in 2003 to benefit Berkshire area students who intend to major in Stephen Phillips Memorial Charitable
Available to seniors with demonstrated need, superior (top 20%, 3.0 GPA, Trust Scholarship
1500 SAT) academic achievement, record of citizenship, serious-mindedness. Apply online at www.phillips-scholarship.org. Keppra Family Epilepsy Scholarship
Awarded to a senior who is an epilepsy patient or family member of an epilepsy patient. The senior must demonstrate academic achievement, possess strong record of participation in activities outside of school, and serve as a positive role model. Apply online at www.Keppra.com.

Mt. Greylock Regional School District does not exclude any person from scholarship application on account of race, color, sexual preference, religion, national
origin or disability.

Source: http://www2.mgrhs.org/Guid/GB%20experiment.pdf

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