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Stunningly beautiful, set in Israel's most untouched nature, SPNI's field schools are the nature-lover's dream vacation sites. Families and young people from all over Israel and abroad come for our famous guided tours, or just to stay in the best spots nature has to offer. Whole classrooms of students come for the nature education that is unmatched in Israel. SPNI Field Schools provide accommodations, dining and educational hiking and walking tours. Rooms usually must be reserved in advance. SPNI's Field School system combines three main areas of activity: education – teaching youth and adults about the region; conservation – protecting the region’s natural environment; and research – gathering information about the region in conjunction with SPNI’s various departments. Field Schools are an integral part of SPNI’s operations, a focal area for local eco-activities, and play a leading role in Israeli environmental tourism and education.
SPNI has field schools without accommodations at Ma'agan Michael, Nitzanim Beach, Ofra,
and Har Gilo. These field schools offer educational nature tours and run environmental projects. Ma'agan Michael Field School hosts international guests for wonderful birding tours every week. For more information on the important work at any one of these field schools, SPNI FIELD SCHOOL RESERVATIONS
For General Reservations, please call Teleteva +972 3 638 8688. The first menu is in Hebrew, so if this presents a problem please feel free to contact the Field School you would like to visit directly. HERMON SPNI FIELD SCHOOL
60 rooms, kosher dining room, air conditioning. Basketball court. The area near the Hermon Field School is known for its network of crisscrossing streams and water hikes. Visit SPNI's Beit Usishkin Museum, a unique nature museum featuring exhibits, nature films and activities for all ages. The Manara Cliffs Park is also a short drive, featuring rock climbing, rappelling, cable cars with a view of the entire region, a roller coaster, hiking and white water rafting. GOLAN SPNI FIELD SCHOOL
34 rooms, Kosher dining room, lit basketball court, pingpong table, air-conditioning. Located in the heart of the Golan, at Katsrin, between Hermon and Lchamat Gader, with a view of the Kinneret, the Golan Field School is within half an hour drive from any place in the Golan! The field school is adjacent to the Golan Museum, the Talmud City with an ancient synagogue, near the Golan winery (offering tours and wine tastings), and stunning waterfalls. Rabbits dwell across from the Hostel and wolves in a small local zoo. Gamle, the oldest synagogue in the world, is a short drive from the Field School. The Zavitan Creek and falls are within walking distance. ALON TAVOR FIELD SCHOOL
Tour Guide Headquarters
32 air-conditioned rooms (for up to 6 people), kosher dining room and catering, coffee bars and bathrooms in each room. Small synagogue, lounge, lecture hall, and outdoor patios with BBQ. Tent camping optional. Alon Tavor Field School, situated at the foot of historic Tavor Mountain, in the heart of the lower Galilee in northern Israel, prides itself on its amazing natural setting and the dedicated, hospitable staff. Built on the landscaped slope of the mountain, buried in a national forest, this field school is the perfect host for any touring in the Galilee and the Israel- Valley. There is easy access to unique restaurants, a winery and breathtaking scenery, as well as museums for the Beduin, and the Golani infintry unit and ample nature reserves. Close to the Kinneret, Matsok HarArbel, and the cities of Nazareth and Tiberias, the Field School also serves as professional tour guide headquarters for the region with trained nature guides available for families or the more adventurous personalized trips, available all year ACHZIV SPNI FIELD SCHOOL
Mobile Post Western Galilee 22817, Israel
Tel: +972-4-952-2599
42 rooms, club-room, lecture hall. Shower and toilets in each room. Air conditioning. Kosher dining room and kitchen. Achziv Field School sits on Israel's breathtaking northernmost Mediterranean coast, 4 miles north of Nahariya, with a view of the sea, Rosh Hanikra's white cliffs and the Western Galilee's ridges. The field school focuses on educational activities in the Western Galilee, including environmentally sensitive areas. Achziv's underwater sea life is an unexplored territory, waiting to be discovered, rich with octopi, kalamari, and squid. MOUNT MERON SPNI FIELD SCHOOL
Mobile Post Meron, Galilee 13870, Israel Tel: +972-4-698-0022

Established in 1964, Mount Meron Field School is situated on 30 acres of natural wood groves
in the midst of a beautiful nature reserve in the upper Galilee on the northern slopes of Mount Meron, near Safed. Mount Meron Nature Reserve is the largest Mediterranean nature reserve in Israel at 28,500 acres and boasts dozens of walking trails, rare flowers, trees and a wide diversity of wildlife. Visitors enjoy the view, archaeological remains, picturesque villages and holy sites. Mount Meron Field School hosts international researchers, who come to study the flora and fauna of the unique nature reserve. Located directly on the Israel Trail, the Field School also

Tour Guide Headquarters
49 rooms, dormitories (cheaper rate), kosher dining room, air-conditioning and bathroom in each room. Outdoor BBQ. Small synagogue. The field school has permanent exhibits: Archaeological, animal and botanical. Regular features include a light and sound show. On the property there's a large built balcony, with a view of the Ein Gedi waterfal s and wandering ibex. David Stream and Arugot Stream nature reserves are within 5 minutes walking distance, as is an ancient synagogue and other ruins. The Ein Gedi field school property houses a real Bedouin tent occupied, natural y, by a Bedouin family. The Ein-Gedi Field School, founded in 1959, is SPNI’s first field school. Situated in a most remarkable and beautiful scenic spot overlooking the Dead Sea, the Ein-Gedi Field School is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking desert wilderness trails in the Middle East. It's also a mere ten minute drive to Massada. The Field School is one of the most important and popular centers to experience the wonders of the Dead Sea, amazing archeological heritage, and the history of survival, settlement and agriculture under extreme climatic conditions.

34 rooms, kosher dining room, air-conditioning and bathroom in each room. Small synagogue. Camping site with BBQ. The Ramon Crater, the region's main attraction, is a rare combination of permanent residents and Bedouin nomads, archaeological remains of ancient peoples, sustainability projects and more. Also located nearby is Israel's only Alpaca ranch, in fact, the only Alpaca ranch outside of South America. Ein Ovdat waterfalls are also nearby, striking in the midst of the desert. HATZEVA FIELD SCHOOL
Mobile Post ha- Arava 86815, Israel Tel: 972 8 658 1546 Email: 31 rooms, Kosher dining room (Lemahedrin on request), air-conditioning and full bathroom in each room. Basketball court. Small synagogue. The Hatzeva Field School is situated in the pith of the Arava desert, approximately 150 km north of Eilat, adjacent to the Jordanian border. The Hatzeva Field School conducts a number of research studies in the area, centering on the Arabian Babbler, and other birds in the region. Children can feed the Arabian Babbler, which is not afraid of people; tourists themselves can observe the bird's behavior and communication patterns. Nearby, at the Developing Research Institute, desert agricultural research focuses on what can be grown in the desert and how; visitors are invited to view the green house and learn about the current results of the research. EILAT SPNI FIELD SCHOOL
Tour Guide Headquarters
50 beautifully remodeled rooms, Kosher dining room, air-conditioning and full bathroom in each room. English and German speaking staff. Featuring spectacular sea views, the field school is a three-minute drive from downtown Eilat, and directly across from the Coral Reef Nature Reservation. The Eilat Field School boasts special hiking tours unavailable elsewhere and information about this unique meeting point of desert, red sea, bird migration, and modern tourist city.



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