Effect injection highly single dose of methyl prednisolone acetate on some hormonal, biochemical and hematological parameters in healthy female rats

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Effect of High Dose Injection of Methyl Prednisolone Acetate on some
Physiological Parameters in Female Rats.
Physiological Dept. College of Veterinary Medicine –University of Basra. 1.Abstract
This study was conduct on 20 healthy female rats. Ten rats were injected
intramuscularly with highly single dose (30mg /kg B.W) of methyl prednisolone acetate
(MPA) daily for 60 days. While the other ten injected intramuscularly with normal saline
(1ml/kg B.W) and considered as a control. Blood samples were collected from treated and
control rats as well. Results revealed that there was significant (p<0.05) decrease in, total
serum protein , lymphocytic count ,esinophilic and basophilic counts . There were significant
(p< 0.05) increase in estrogen, progesterone, tri-iodthyronine(T3) , thyroxine(T4) hormones ,
total serum cholesterol , triglyceride ,total WBC count, neutrophilic and monocytiz counts .
Key words: Methyl predinsolone acetate, female rats, hormones, biochemical parameters,
steroids that is an anti-inflammatory steroid catabolism, muscle atrophy and metabolic (AIS) used in the treatment of inflammatory prednisolone acetate is hydrolysed its active corticosteroids regularly raise plasma lipid levels in rabbits and chickens[6] ,in contrast plasma half- life is approximately 2.5 hour [ 7]showed that corticosteroids increase while its biological half- life is 12 - 36 plasma lipids in rat and mice. One of the main limitations of MPA therapy is negative 40% to 60% bound to the plasma proteins, which means that this fraction of the drug in anterior pituitary gland[8], maintained by plasma is not able to interact with cellular the hypothalamic pituitary- adrenal (HPA) steroids receptors a nor crosses cellular most part restricts protein passage [3]. (ACTH) to signal production of cortisol.The therapy causes adverse effects leading to Hilal: Effect of High Dose Injection of Methyl Prednisolone Acetate on some Physiological Parameters in Female …
exogenous glucocorticoids suppresses the release of ACTH from the pituitary. Thus children [16,17]. Other studies revealed that high dose of it decrease production of blood The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of single high dose of methyl demonstrated include decreased availability some biochemical parameters (total serum protein, total serum cholesterol, triglyceride suppression of noncellular, inflammatory hematological studies find that high dose of 3. Materials and Methods
Twenty healthy female rats, their mean
intramuscularly treated with high single body weight was 200gm were housed at the animal house of the College of Veterinary acetate once daily for 60 days. Treated and Medicine during the period from first of control rats were scarified immediately after October till the end of November 2011 at a similar conditions to room temperature as collected directly from rats heart by using each three rats were kept in one cage under groups (ten/group) each. First group was agents and immediately centrifuged to get intramuscularly with physiological normal saline (1ml /kg), while the other group was
3.1.Hormonal Analysis
T3, T4 enzyme immunoassay test kit

3.2.Biochemical Analysis
The biochemical tests (triglyceride
,total cholesterol and total protein) were done by using Chemistry auto analyzer made 3.3.Hematological Analysis
Total White Blood Cell counts (WBC)
stained with leishman’s stain according to [20]. Hilal: Effect of High Dose Injection of Methyl Prednisolone Acetate on some Physiological Parameters in Female …
4.Statistical Analysis
Data were reported as means difference between mean was assessed by
±SEM.Statistical significance of the students t-test according to [21].
5.Results and Discussion
Injected healthy female rats
significant increase in cholesterol parameter intramuscularly with high single dose of which is agreed with what is found by [27] methyl prednisolone acetate (30mg) caused in cats .Also Triglyceride recorded highly a significant decrease at (p<0.05) in total significant increase in treated rats ,these serum protein , lymphocytes,esinophile and data are the same of results found by[28] in significant (p<0.05) increase in estrogen, progesterone ,tri-iodthyronine(T3) , group significant decrease in the plasmatic thyroxine(T4) hormones and also total total protein level, this result is not in serum cholesterol , triglyceride ,total WBC accordance with the findings of [30] in dogs. count, neutrophil count and monocyte count hematological parameters in this study was in WBC count which is disagreed with [31] caused increased significantly in estrogen hormone level, which agree with the results and untreated dogs. The relative count of stimulated androgens which produced in the (p<0.05)increased in rat after treatment , significantly increased in rat treated with number of neutrophils probably caused by and thyroid hormones (T3and T4), this study significant increase in treated group, which is similar to [33] in cats ,but opposite to[ trend of [25,26] ,whose mentioned that the administration of exogenous glucocorticoids significant decrease compared with above can suppress the synthesis and secretion of parameters, it is a same as finding by [35] thyroid stimulating hormone because of its who had shown that cortisol depresses the feedback loops on hypothalamus and lymphocyte number in human. Esinophils anterior pituitary glands . and basophils showed significant decrease in treated ones which is contracted with predinsolone acetate in this study caused 6.Conclusions
In this study the intramuscular
serum protein, cholesterol, triglyceride ), levels of sex hormone in blood (estrogen , healthy female rats caused a significant changes in the proportion and concentration hormones(T3,T4) in addition to its effect on blood cells especially leukocytes cells. Hilal: Effect of High Dose Injection of Methyl Prednisolone Acetate on some Physiological Parameters in Female …
Table 1. Effect of methyl prednisolone acetate on some hormones, biochemical and hematological parameters in
healthy female rats(means±SE) .
Control ± SE
Treated± SE

Means within a rows differed at (p≤0.05).

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Hilal: Effect of High Dose Injection of Methyl Prednisolone Acetate on some Physiological Parameters in Female …
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