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Posters will be on display in Elphinstone Hall, the Linklater Metabolic characterisation of isolated bovine inner cell Rooms and the Old Senate Room. Please note that odd numbered posters will be attended on Monday 14 July between 17.30 and 18.30, and even numbered posters will Fate of tetraploid cells in tetraploid - diploid chimeric be attended on Tuesday 15 July between 17.30 and 18.30.
Assisted Conception
Abnormal mouse fetuses after preimplantation exposure A potential new use for Gonadotrophin-releasing S Sinawat, W-C Hsaio, JH Flockhart, MH Kaufman, J Keith TR Aust, J Sklavounos, R Gazvani & CR Kingsland Early luteal phase progesterone supplementation Effect of quality of sperm chromatin structure on IVP in L Katska-Ksiazkiewicz, B Rynska & M Bochenek New protocol for commencing the GnRH antagonist in Zygote donor nutrition affects ovine fetal development assisted conception treatment cycles: Elimination of the premature LH surge with similar pregnancy rates KD Sinclair, KA Powell, TG McEvoy, CJ Ashworth, JA Rooke, Intravenous sedation in assisted conception units: The effects of hormone stimulation and lamb age on in vitro production of embryos from prepubertal lambs KM Morton, SL Catt, WMC Maxwell & G Evans A national survey of the different positions used during Secretion of interferon-tau (IFN-t), interleukin-1B (IL-1B) and leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF) by ovine pre- Y Sajjad, TR Aust, A Drakeley, S Curran & CR Kingsland implantation embryos during in vitro culture (IVC) Which position do patients prefer during transvaginal JA Rooke, M Ewen, ME Staines, GJ McCallum, TG McEvoy ultrasound scanning? A prospective randomised A pilot prospective trial comparing two commercially Y Sajjad, TR Aust, A Drakeley, S Curran & CR Kingsland available sequential embryo culture media Pilot study for a randomised controlled trial of ultrasound C Leary, K Yallop, M Herbert, A Murdoch & J Fenwick Does the thymus gland follow cyclical variation to TR Aust, G Rowley, J Sklavounos, A Drakeley, Y Sajjad, The effect of difficult embryo transfer on pregnancy rates HSC70 and HSP70 differential expression in TR Aust, T Kiernan, Y Sajjad, A Drakeley, R Gazvani preimplantation porcine embryos exposed to The use of methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy after IVF C Bernardini, P Fantinati, A Zannoni, M Forni & ML Bacci Fatty acid content of polar and neutral lipids from bovine A prospective randomized crossover study to determine blastocysts produced in vitro in the presence or absence the impact of an incubator air filtration system on IVF A Reis, JA Rooke, GJ McCallum, M Ewen, ME Staines, G Horne, JD Critchlow, HR Hunter, N Thomas, MAK Hooper, Is assisted hatching of embryos beneficial? Evaluation of a variety of management strategies to rescue poorly responding cycles in women undergoing Expression and distribution of androgen receptors in first Y Sajjad, SM Quenby, P Nickson, DI Lewis-Jones & G Vince Embryology
Oocyte biochemical modification as a result of Isolation and proliferation of inner cell mass of horse Female Infertility
Localisation of RII-PKA, ER and mitochondria in mouse Fertility risk factors causing breast cancer R Mohammadi, F Kashfi, A Nikoofar & F Hossani RJ Webb, R Zeineldine, G FitzHarris & J Carroll Proteomic patterns in peritoneal fluid of infertile women Endonuclease activity in MII mouse oocytes A Zannoni, M Spinaci, ML Bacci & M Forni S Ferrero, DJ Gillott, P Anserini, V Remorgida, In vivo maturation of porcine oocytes in relation to the R Navaratnarajah, KM Price, N Ragni & JG Grudzinskas Protein expression of steroidogenic enzymes in ovarian W Khalil, C Wrenzycki, J Reisch & W Holtz Intra-oocyte variation in mtDNA content on bovine M Fenech, M Lopez-Bejar, F Lopez-Gatius, CJ Corbin, M Tamassia, P May-Panloup, P Reynier, Y Heyman Frequency of a vascular endothelial growth factor H McCallum, S Bhattacharya, H McBain, G Hoad, K Andrews, C Openshaw, DM Campbell & P Haggarty The effect of a single long-acting injection of GnRH Dietary determinants of the concentration of antagonist on ovarian follicular development in sheep A Gonzalez-Bulnes, CJH Souza, BK Campbell, RJ Scaramuzzi K Andrews, S Bhattacharya, H McBain, H McCallum, G Hoad, The effect of daily injections of GnRH antagonists on A Gonzalez-Bulnes, RM Garcia-Garcia, J Santiago-Moreno, Embryo development of prepubertal goat oocytes treated CJH Souza, A Lopez-Sebastian & AS McNeilly prior to in vitro maturation with roscovitine Antral follicular development and FSH secretion during AR Jimenez-Macedo, D Izquierdo, A Urdaneta & MT Paramio Does oestradiol act on bovine oocytes via a plasma PM Bartlewski, AP Beard & NC Rawlings The effect of inducing early first ovulation postpartum on The effect of different pre-mating nutritional regimes on JG Gong, A Moghaddam, X Luo, KD Troup, E McCullough ovulation rate, oocyte maturation and embryo survival in P48 Paracrine regulation of porcine granulosa and theca cell EM Ferguson, J Slevin, MG Hunter, SA Edwards function in a serum free co-culture system by oocyte Possible involvement of F-actin in rat egg activation V Brankin, MRP Mitchell, MG Hunter & R Webb Exposure to the xenoestrogen 4-tert-octyl phenol alters The involvement of Src family kinases in egg activation sheep preantral follicle growth and development in vitro R Tomashov-Matar, A Talmor-Cohen, R Kaplan-Kraicer Evidence for direct interaction between leptin and ovarian Body composition and dietary energy intake affect folliculogenesis, oocyte quality and early embryo JG Gong, G Baxter, CO Hogg, X Luo, MRP Mitchell, R Webb SJ Adamiak, K Mackie, KA Powell, RG Watt, DF Dolman, Ovarian development in intrauterine growth retarded and normally developed piglets originating from the same Inhibition of both histone deacetylase and DNA methyltransferase induces maternal chromatin P Da Silva-Buttkus, R van den Hurk, ER te Velde demethylation after fertilization in mouse oocytes Endocrine and ovarian response associated with the first- Expression of DNA demethylase in mouse oocytes wave follicle dominant in sheep synchronized either CIDR correlates with the maturation-acquired ability to LF Uribe-Velásquez, E Oba, LC Lara-Herrera, MIL Souza, H Villa-Velásquez, LA Trinca & CAC Fernandes Comparison of pregnancy rate following different estrus A population-based cohort study of the relevance of synchronization and fixed timed AI protocols as well as AI operative delivery to future fertility: Analysis of qualitative at estrus following two PGF2a injections in Holstein dairy M Porter, S Bhattacharya, E van Teijlingen, D Campbell, AA Moghaddam, A Niasari & M Bolourchi Quantification of S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) and Survey of use of complementary and alternative medicine S-adenosyl homocysteine (SAH) in bovine granulosa cells (BGC) and blastocysts under differing cultural conditions JA Rooke, J Anderson, ME Staines & KD Sinclair Teenage males’ experience of decision making and Evidence for a paracrine role of progesterone in luteal sperm banking following a cancer diagnosis Patients views on consenting to research studies and Control of mammalian and avian ovarian cell function by leptin: The role of IGF-I and intracellular mechanisms AV Sirotkin, I Florkovicova, Z Kuklova, H-J Schaeffer, R Grossmann, M Mlyncek, O Svarcova & A Armaiova Reproductive Endocrinology
Thrombopoietin as a regulator of ovarian cell function The influence of human-animal interaction during AV Sirotkin, P Sanislo, H-J Schaeffer, I Florkovicova, pregnancy on fertility and the pituitary-gonadal and LV Osadchuk, BO Braastad, A-L Hovland, M Bakken F Bianco, G Basini, F Grasselli & C Tamanini Modified assay for luteinizing hormone in plasma Effect of a GnRH antagonist on follicular development and Comparison ELISA and SpermMar test for measurement FSH and IGF promote secretion of ‘total’ follistatin by MR Sadeghi, A Talebian, MM Akhondi, M Jalali bovine granulosa cells but do not alter the relative abundance of different molecular weight variants A pilot study of home self-administration of misoprostol C Glister, SA Feist, NP Groome & PG Knight for medical abortion up to 56 days gestation Role of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism in mouse H Hamoda, PW Ashok, GMM Flett & A Templeton A pilot study of sublingual versus vaginal misoprostol for Modification of follicular status in sheep treated with H Hamoda, PW Ashok, J Dow, GMM Flett & A Templeton single short-acting doses of GnRH antagonist Current practice with regard to the surgical management C Lopez-Alonso, T Encinas, RM Garcia-Garcia, A Veiga-Lopez, of azoospermia in Merseyside & North Wales: SJ Wood, N Montazeri, Y Sajjad, S Troup, CR Kingsland Pregnancy
HFEA ‘league tables’ - choose green to pass go Relationships between feed intake, leptin and oocyte JA Hamilton, P Kalia, Y Khalaf, A Taylor & P Braude Survey of autoantibodies in recurrent spontaneous NL Hepburn, EM Ferguson, MG Hunter, SA Edwards, N Hawkins, DG Hazlerigg, P Trayhurn & CJ Ashworth Does the aetiology of azoospermia affect the outcome of Maternal genistein causes no reduction in either litter JDM Nicopoullos, C Gilling-Smith, PA Almeida & JWA Ramsay MCL West, LCM Anderson, N McClure & SEM Lewis Outcome of surgical sperm retrieval (SST) followed by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in men with Psychosocial Aspects of Infertility and Reproductive
DG Giannaris, S Bhattacharya & MPR Hamilton Comparison of psychological problems in infertility and Leptin and leptin receptor immunolocalization in the C Dalgeorgou, N Malik, LJ Pellat & JF Murray Circadian and circannual rhythms of T3 and T4 secretions Spontaneous pregnancy after ovarian tissue cryopreservation by vitrification and intra-uterine MIL Souza, SD Bicudo, LF Uribe-Velásquez & AA Ramos TM Elbarbary, H Lucas, F Urner, C de Vantery, F Pelte, A Feki , Loss of the diurnal variation in testosterone during administration of exogenous testosterone for male The effect of chronic spinal cord injury on sperm contraception: Implications for replacement dosage A Abbasi, H Hadinedoushan, MA Khalili, M Anvari Maternal reproductive hormone levels during repeated Effect of 3-MCPD on male fertility, sperm parameters and F Schneider, KP Brüssow, E Kanitz & W Otten SJ Kwack, SS Kim, GS Rhee, KH Sohn, RD Lee, SY Chae, Food restriction can influence ovarian cell function CH Park, YW Choi, HJ Lee, YH Chung, J Yu & KL Park through IGF-I, leptin and cAMP-dependent intracellular Reproductive Surgery
O Svarcova, AV Sirotkin, H-J Schaeffer, J Raffay, P100 Experience of junior doctors in laparoscopic ectopic Plasma and follicular NEFA (non esterefied fatty acids) levels as related to circulating leptin in fasting P101 Combined retrospective and prospective study of surgically treated ectopic pregnancy at the Royal London G Galeati, N Govoni, M Spinaci, E Seren & C Tamanini Putative PDZ domain-binding motif-mediated interactions TZ Jacobson, P van den Hurk, W Chan, A Ihenacho, between the human gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor and intracellular proteins delineated by a P102 Is there a correlation between the visual and histologic AJ Pawson, L Davidson, P Barran, RP Millar & SR Maudsley N Potdar, S Tumula, C Hunt C & OA Odukoya Role for prostaglandins in mediating acute stimulation of P103 Practice makes perfect? Endoscopic training using 11B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11BHSD) activity by interleukin-1B (IL-1B) in human granulosa-lutein (hGL) Relationship between the presence of large follicles and P104 in vitro effect of gangliosides on lipid peroxidation in oestradiol levels and embryonary production in the day of the embryo flushing in heifers and beef cows CAC Fernandes, E Oba & LF Uribe-Velásquez P105 Assessing sperm membrane and DNA integrity in Insulin modulation of lactate and insulin-like growth normospermic men: Oxidation damage and antioxidants factor binding protein (IGFBP)-1 production by human granulosa cells purified by removal of white blood cells MC Richardson, TE Hodge, CD Simonis, DDY Mukhtar P106 Seminal glutathione system (glutathione peroxidases 1 and 4, and glutathione reductase) expression and activity is not correlated with classical semen parameters Use of an adenoviral transfection system to study N Garrido, M Meseguer, C Simón, J Remohi & A Pellicer signalling pathways involved in growth and death of P107 Effect of catalase and N2-gas on fresh bovine semen O Gubbay, W Guo, M Rae, AJ Zeleznik & SG Hillier S Verberckmoes, I De Pauw, A Van Soom, J Dewulf Ghrelin is a potential paracrine stimulator of 11B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11BHSD) in the P108 Diffusion barriers and domain organisation in boar sperm TM-M Tan, KC Jonas, LM Thurston, MP Vanderpump, P109 Epididymal or testicular sperm in obstructive JDM Nicopoullos, C Gilling-Smith, PA Almeida & JWA Ramsay P110 The fate of cryo-preserved progesterone receptor(s) of P122 Localisation of vascular endothelial growth factor and canine sperm and its subsequent response to ligand angiopoietins during the peri-implantation period and FP Cheng, JT Wu, PS Tsai, CTL Chang & SL Lee P111 Effect of different extenders on post-thaw sperm survival, P123 Markers of endometrial function in women with acrosomal integrity and longevity in cryopreserved semen unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss: A comparison of Formosan Sika and Formosan Sambar deer between morphologically normal and retarded FP Cheng, JT Wu, JPW Chan, JS Wang, B Colenbrander E Tuckerman, SM Laird, R Stewart, M Wells & TC Li P112 Characterization and purification of sperm progesterone P124 Clinical evaluation of postpartum vaginal mucus reflects JT Wu, PS Tsai, HP Fung, SL Lee & FP Cheng EJ Williams, D Fischer, GW England, H Dobson & IM Sheldon P113 Sperm washing: Lack of NHS funding is limiting access P126 Nutrient concentrations in oestrous mouse ovarian C Gilling-Smith, B Tamberlin, AD Cox, G Rozis, JR Smith, SE Harris, HJ Leese, HM Picton & NM Orsi P114 Cholesterol oxidation is a common phenomenon in bovine PFN Silva, JFHM Brouwers, JB Helms, B Colenbrander P115 Non-glycosylated peripheral proteins of the sow oviduct are involved in the maintenance of boar sperm viability RMA Elliott, PF Watson, WV Holt, R Hudson-Davies P116 Does the Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) adhesion sequence play a role in mediating sperm interaction with the human P117 Relationship between cholesterol efflux, plasma membrane organisation and capacitation in boar Testis and Male Infertility
P118 Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) P119 Developmental changes in cellular apoptosis, proliferation and morphology throughout gestation in the sheep fetal P120 Morphological investigation of adult human testicular tissue cryopreserved by the different methods V Keros, B Rosenlund, L Levkov, K Hultenby, V Grischenko P121 Mouse endometrial pinopodes expression during implantation window after ovarian stimulation and

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ATTIVITA’ COMMERCIALI CONVENZIONATE CON AGESC SANTA TERESA E SAN LUIGI CHIERI Lo sconto viene riconosciuto dietro presentazione della tessera Agesc relativa all’iscrizione anno scolastico 2013/2014 (non di anni precedenti). Aggiornamento 28/01/2014 ABBIGLIAMENTO BAMBINO/A 1-16 ANNI BAMBI Via Balbo 3. Chieri. Sconto del 10% su calzature da n. 17 al 40, calze, accessori e abbigliament


Brief Communication Reconstitution of telomerase activity in normal human cells leads to elongation of telomeres and extended replicative life span Homayoun Vaziri and Samuel Benchimol Normal somatic cells have a finite life span [1] and lose and pBabest2-AS retroviruses were transfected into the telomeric DNA, present at the ends of chromosomes, packaging cell line Phoenix-E and vir

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