Carte de cafes

“Carte” of Coffee
Our classic mixes
Mixing original, composed of Grands Crus Central and South America. Subtle fragrance, full taste, excellent
body, acid and aromatic cup.

Thousand Hills:
Reminiscent of the years in Africa, this mixture is composed of the greatest coffee of the region of the Great
Lakes. Mix all the finesse, marked acidity.

Three Continents:
Precise Assembly of 3 of the greatest harvested in the 3 continents producers of coffee, the entire row of the
Ecuador in your cup! Mix fruity, full-bodied, a hint of acidity.

Classic blend soft and perfumed, neutral.

Full-bodied and very fragrant,the ideal to finish a meal.

Mix flavored, soft, balanced and half soft. Perfect to start a good day or to accompany your coffee time !

Strong blend, lots of body.

Mix soft, fragrant and mellow.

Slightly full-bodied coffee.

Mixture to taste at all hours of the day, composed of Arabica 100% original. Softness, taste, flavour to the
“rendez-vous”; a top of range.

Mix the better qualities of the Arabica Central - America within the blend. Full-bodied, acidulous and aromatic;
Espresso par Excellence!

Blend espresso type Italian, very full-bodied, more pronounced roasting.

Mixture of Santos Fancy and Central - America, half soft and quite fragrant. This variety of Arabica whose
caffeine already is original less than that of Robusta, suffered a décaféinisation procedure. This technique will
give you a cup of coffee with the taste and the aroma equalled complete coffees while ensuring a good night's

Our Grands Crus
Caffeine content
Peru organic Bio Be 02 Fairtrade Rain Forest : 17th world producer 1.30%
Cafés JJLooze | Rue St-Ethon 24 7181 Feluy | || T: +32(0)67/878032 | F: +32(0)67/878874 Washed Arabica, good acidity, good body, Soft Cup, raw blue-green, beautiful bean. These Arabica can be
higher than the very good Central America, classic from the point of view aspect and Cup.
Republic Dominican Arabica Barahona : 25th world producer 1.37%
Very beautiful and good coffee, sweet taste, with great acidity and aroma

Rwanda Arabica Kigoma Mountain Coffee: 26th world producer 1.35 %
Arabica produced in the land of the thousand hills, beautiful small beans, quite acidity.
Santos Fancy (Brazil): 1er world producer r 1.15 %
Brazilian coffee, and also the name of the port of export of the important center of Sao Paulo coffee. This coffee
is characterized by a sweet, mellow taste.

Colombia Supremo: 2th world producer 1.37 %
Coffee taste, "sweet", aromatic, lightweight body. Its production is very careful.

Java (Indonesia): 3th world producer 1.20 %
Heavy and overly strong coffee for lovers of strong coffee.

Guatemala Antigua: 6th world producer 1.32 %
This coffee grown on the shelf and volcanic ridges around Antigua, is characterized by complete, full-bodied
taste, and acid and aromatic cup.

Ethiopia Sidamo Yrga head: 7th world producer 1.5 %
Small to medium coffee bean, washed, scented, sensitive and remarkable, sweet flavour, step too acid and
balanced, medium body.

Mysore planting has (India): 8th world producer 0.93% to 1.12 %
Coffee neutral and soft; It is not widespread because of lower exports of the India to the common market.

Costa Rica Tarrazu: 9th world producer 1.22% to 1.45 %
One of the best coffees in the world to warm and sweet, perfume with a fairly complete and rich taste, slightly
acidulated rather full-bodied and long in the mouth. The "Costa Rica" can be elevated to the rank of actual
"grands crus".

Honduras High Grown: 13th world producer 1.32 %
This coffee is very spread in recent years and is beginning to be assessed at its fair value; beautiful coffee and
low acid Cup.

Kenya AA: 18th world producer 1.36 %
This very fine coffee, full-bodied, with typical perfume, has a taste very acidic and fruity. The Kenya has
developed the most sophisticated methods in the world with respect to the production, processing, and marketing
for coffee.

Papua New Guinea Sigri A : 19th producer world 1.30 %
This arabica characteristics are classified between the Kenya AA and Ethiopia washed. Arabica perfumed and
acidic, balanced with body.

Maragogype (Nicaragua): 27th world producer 1.27 %
Variety of Arabica large and broad beans, it is soft and very fine.

Tanzania + AA: 24th world producer 1.42 %
Almost as acid as the Kenya, good in acidity, taste has excellent fragrance, body.

Cafés JJLooze | Rue St-Ethon 24 7181 Feluy | || T: +32(0)67/878032 | F: +32(0)67/878874 Blue Mountain (Jamaica): 47th world producer 1.24 %
This exceptional coffee both by its rarity and richness in flavour, making its international reputation, is
exclusively harvested in altitude, which gives it its qualities of creaminess. A must!

Cafés JJLooze | Rue St-Ethon 24 7181 Feluy | || T: +32(0)67/878032 | F: +32(0)67/878874


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