Clamp Down on Codeine-Based
Pain Relievers.
‘ It’s only with time it became recognised Further restrictions were also imposed there was a smal population who abused to reduce the bulk purchase of codeine-these drugs. .those naughty people who containing pil s.
want to use these drugs to try to get high.’ effects from the ingredients that are of up to 30 tablets but only a GP can carried along with the codeine.’ prescribe packs of up to 72 tablets.
Using codeine-containing drugs in Dr Moses said people wanting to buy excessive amounts can lead to addiction the pain relievers at a pharmacy should Potent codeine-based pain relievers and problems, including stomach ulcers go outside of busy times and consider
became harder to buy from early or liver damage.
May, in a move to crack down on a
‘‘small population’’ using the drugs Among Drugs included in the change are
Nurofen Plus, Panadeine and Mersyndol ‘ It certainly wil have a big impact on a along with those generic brands which pharmacist’s work schedule because they also combine codeine with, typically, are very commonly used medicines,’ Dr containing analgesics took effect on ibuprofen or paracetamol.
May 1, and essential y it means those buying the drugs wil have to convince a Pain relievers which contain less than ‘ You can’t buy any codeine-containing pharmacist or GP that they need them.
12 mil igrams of codeine are now kept pain reliever from the shop assistant behind the pharmacist’s counter while from May 1.’ Commenting on the changes, Dr previously they were offered for general Geraldine Moses warned the move sale in the shopping aisle.
the majority of consumers who used People seeking these medications must people who used the drugs to manage the drugs safely in accordance with the now ask the pharmacist who, ultimately, chronic pain were in more regular ‘ The vast majority of consumers are Drugs with more than 12 mil igrams of Members are advised that they should legitimate users,’ said Dr Moses, who is codeine - previously kept behind the check their shelves for any codiene based a senior drug information pharmacist at counter - are now only available with a pain relievers and take appropriate action to remove them in order to comply with their responsibilities on this matter.
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meetings of the Convenience and Mixed Business Association Inc. (formerly The Retail Confectionery and Mixed Business Association Inc.) and The Independent Fast Food Shops Association Inc. will be held at the Association’s offices:- Unit 9, 14-26 Audsley Street, Clayton South, 3169
At 4.00 pm on
Monday 16th August 2010
• To confirm Minutes of the previous Annual General Meetings • To elect members to the Executive Committee • To receive Annual Financial Statements Members who wish to attend these meetings are asked to advise accordingly so that seating arrangements are adequate.



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