Chicago Free Press
Raising the roof with the best in home stereos - Sonos featured

Residential Systems Magazine
Feature on Sonos and a visit with John MacFarlane

Blogger asks readers for help with speaker selection - mentions Sonos at end

Customer Blogger
Talks about new Rhapsody MP3 store - mentions how she loves Rhapsody via her Sonos

Eliot revies the Pandora app on the iPhone - mentions it costs $36 a year on Sonos

iPhone Remote Reviews - Sonos mentions/comparisons
Story about the applications from Apple - 'think Sonos, but it's free' comparison made when
discussing Remote

CNET Crave
Falcone goes hands on with the Apple Remote - mentions Sonos

Apple release remote software - mentions of Sonos in comments

This is Tech
Run down of Software - mentions remote as Sonos alternative
Sean writes a post about Apple's new remote application - mentions Sonos

New Zealand Blogger
iPod Touch plus Airport Express Poor Mans Sonos?

A variety of consumer tweets about the comparison

Hands On w/ Remote - Sonos mentions in comments

Blogger Reviews iPhone remote app - mentions Sonos needs to step up / Sonos Customer & Advocate New iPhone app should put some pressure on Sonos to develop one BoingBoing App store review - mentions Sonos Threads about the comparisons PC World Magazine  Dan Tynan writes a feature about different uses of WiFi - mentions Sonos - "And the r a two-room starter kit) makes multiroom audio a snap, thanks to its internal wireless network. It now supports Rhapsody, Sirius Internet radio, Pandora, Windows Media Audio, and Zune (but still not iTunes--sigh). Pricey, yes. But it remains one of the coolest gadgets ever built."   De Standaard (Belgium daily) Feature review of digital music systems - outcome for Sonos (bundle 130) is very positive and is seen as a system with the most ease of use and most power. The reviewer also stated that the quality of sound is the best and this is a great buy for music lovers with a bigger budget. They also reviewed Logitech Squeezebox Duet and the reviewer is not keen on this system since the system reacts far too slow. (clip attached)   Gebaeude Digital (Germany) The so-called "magazine for the building services engineering of the 21st century" features a 3-page Sonos review. (clip attached)   Smart House (Australia) Feature on iPod docks - mentions Sonos as a favorite among installers The future of home control systems - mentions Sonos   Customer Blogger Says if he had only 100 things he could keep - one would be his Sonos Forums Customer having issues finding his iTunes playlists on his Sonos   Twitter Latest tweets about Sonos   
SOMA.FM announces availability on the iPod touch and iPhone - mentions Sonos as a partner announcement - mentions Sonos 

Summer Entertaining Satellite Media Tour - Sonos featured in all TV segments 
Central Valley Today (Fresno), June 24th: “Summer Party Planning” -
Good Company (Cleveland), June 26th: “Ways to have a little extra fun this summer.” -
Sacramento & Company, June 23rd: “Great ideas for planning a fun summer party” -
San Diego Living, June 25th: “Enjoy Summer Entertaining' -
•  Western NY Living (Buffalo), June 27th: “Summer Party Ideas' - Taking the wraps off the new Rhapsody - Arik mentions Sonos support Free iTunes remote coming from Apple? Sonos featured. Mark Baard does a short column on Pandora - mentions Sonos supports it, but ultimately recommends Duet to have Pandora in home b/c of price point A bunch of Sonos Tweets from over the past several days Forums User having trouble getting his Time Capsule to work with his XBox (and not so much with his Sonos Rhapsody announces MP3 store - includes Sonos in list of companies supporting Rhapsody Evolution of Dance 2 is coming - mentions Sonos    NY Blogger Features Sonos under 'Cool Stuff'   Blogger Blogger complains about Audible's DRM policy and an email he received - which mentions Sonos   UK Blogger Duet cheaper than Sonos, but still a bit proprietary    


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