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Newsletter 20 (April 2013) 
30.04.2013 - Morinaga to promote passion fruit seed extract component as health product
The seed extracts contain significant amounts of piceatannol (3,3',4,5'-tetrahydroxy-trans-stilbene), a compound which prevents the ageing of blood vessels, Morinaga news release, April 2013
26.04.2013 - Group at Hiroshima Institute of Technology shows that wheat flour prepared
by Steinmetz technology has high antioxidant capacity, commercialization by Anderson

Associate Professor Koji KADOKAWA of Hiroshima Insti- tute of Technology found by two standardized methods (ORAC and DPPH) that if wheat is milled according to a procedure invented and patented by Steinmetz Patentmüllerei Hamburg, which includes cleaning, washing and soft removal of the shell and her bitter components, the resulting wheat flour and bread has high antioxidant, vitamin and mineral contents. Steinmetz has a contract with Nippon Flour Mills to prepare wheat meal according to this procedure, and the Anderson Group has the exclusive marketing rights in Japan. Hiroshima Institute of Technology, press release March 29, 2013
25.04.2013 - Shimadzu introduces imaging mass microscope iMScope

The combination of a light microscope and a mass spectrometer allows to observe samples to be mass spectrometric analyzed directly in the one instrument. - Application are in disease bi- omarker research and biological function studies Shimadzu press release, April 25, 2013
24.04.2013 - Nippon Meat Packers develop lateral flow text for six food pathogens

Using cecropin P1, an intestinal antimicrobial peptide as a binder, Nippon Meat Packeers and Hokkaido University (Professor AIZAWA Tomoyasu) have developed a sandwich ELISA assay for the fast detection of various enterohemorrhagic strains of E. coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella, based on a lateral flow assay. For a survey of our services, please visit
Bio4Business Jagdweg 3 70569 Stuttgart Germany JSBBA Annual Meeting in Sendai, March 7, lectures 4A11a08 and 4A11a09
23.04.2013 - EIKEN Chemical Co. introduces hepatitis C immunoassay

The test is based on a HCV viral core protein antigen, and measurement is by BLEIA (biolu- minescence based on firefly luciferase). EIKEN Chemical press release, April 22, 2013
19.04.2013 - MHLW council accepts clinical studies for gene therapy on LCAT deficiency.

At a meeting on April 18, the clinical study at Chiba University Hospital concerning the au- tologous transplantation of LCAT transgenic cells and proliferative adipocyte as a delivery vehicle for the treatment of familial lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency was ac- Clinical Cell Biology and Medicine, Chiba University Hospital,
18.04.2013 - Shionogi and AnGes MG start phase I of NF-κB decoy oligo A, directed to-
wards atopic dermatitis

In Japan, 2,8 million people suffer from atopic dermatitis, 10 million in the US. AnGes MG press release, April 17, 2013
18.04.2013 - Biogenomics Co. develops individualized skin-care cosmetic based on isolation
of indigenous skin bacteria

The method is based on the isolation and propagation of Strep- tococcus epidermidis from an individual’s own skin and applying it in form of a skin-care formulation. Collaboration is with Na- gasaki International University’s Professor Ryuzo SA- JSBBA Annual Meeting 2013, Sendai, lecture 3C31a15 For a survey of our services, please visit
Bio4Business Jagdweg 3 70569 Stuttgart Germany
16.04.2013 - New plasma-polymerized films (“nanosuits”) permit observation of life pro-
cesses under an EM

Two groups at Hamamtsu and Tohoku University have developed a biocompatible film ob- tained by plasma polymerization which protects life samples under high vaccum and allows the observation of life processes under an electron microscope. Yasuharu TAKAKU et al., doi: 10.1073/pnas.1221341110 PNAS April 15, 2013
16.04.2013 - Sony and Olympus establish Sony Olympus Medical Solution

The company will develop, design, manufacture and sell endoscopes for a new style surgery with 4K or more resolution and 3D mechanism, and associated systems, further integration of medical and visual equipment in an operating room Sony press release, April 16, 2013
15.04.2013 - Two Japanese drugs among 2012 pharmaceutical top ten blockbusters

The products are rosuvastatin calcium, an antihyperlipidemic drug invented by Shionogi (AstraZeneca, > 6 billion USD sales) and Aripiprazole, a schizophrenia-directed drug devel- oped by Otsuka Pharma (> 5 billion USD sales). Japanese pharmaceutical companies are also well represented in ranks 11 – 50 of international blockbuster agents
12.04.2013 - Otsuka Pharmaceuticals submits to FDA application for Torbaptan, a drug for
the treatment of a genetic disease (autosomal dominant polycystic kidney (ADPKD))

This is considered to be the first drug for the treatment of a genetic disease. Otsuka Pharmaceuticals press release, April 12, 2013
09.04.2013 - Nippon Paper develops wooden biomass solid fuel

Nippon Paper Industries Co. Ltd. has implemented a biomass power generation project using 100 percent unused woody materials, making it the first project of its kind in Japan. New wood biomass power generation facilities will be constructed at the Yatsushiro Mill (Yatsushiro, Kumamoto) and launched as a new energy business from spring 2015. The procedure mimicks roast coffee carbonation technology and leads to a wooden biomass solid fuel. For a survey of our services, please visit
Bio4Business Jagdweg 3 70569 Stuttgart Germany
08.04.2013 - Kirin, NEC and University of Tokyo improve assay for Salmonella patulin
based on aptamer

The aptamer binding improvement was based on the SELEX method, and the assay on an JSBBA meeting in Sendai, March 27, 2013, lecture 3C31a11 08.04.2013 - Teijin reports progress in the preparation of
thermostable polycarbonates based on isosorbide

By manufacturing improvements, a PLANEXT D-7000 named polycarbonate was obtained which has high heat and shock resistance. Production is scheduled at Teijin’s Matsuyama plant at a scale of 3.000 t/a within “several years” Teijin press release, April 1, 2013
07.04.2013 - Panasonic develops „lab-on-a-chip“ for SNP analysis

Once a single drop of blood is placed on the chip, it is mixed with reagents and the DNA extracted. The parts of the DNA containing SNPs are then isolated and amplified using PCR. Using high-speed PCR, 30 temperature cycles are completed in nine minutes. This is one of the fastest PCR systems in the world. The amplified DNA is then pumped to a filter, where it’s further separated and then passed through to a new electrochemical sensor which is able to identify the SNPs. Scaling the whole process down into a small chip requires powerful micro-pumps. Panasonic used a conductive polymer for the actuators, enabling them to exert pressure of up to 30MPa. As well as enabling “tailor-made therapy” on a large scale, the system could also be used to test GM foods while For a survey of our services, please visit
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05.04.2013 - Meiji introduces Lactobacillus gasseri as MG28 antistress Health Drink

The strain is claimed to exert stress-mitigating and immunostimulating properties, due to in- teractions with the intestinal immune system. The effect was also shown in athletes who took Meiji press release, March 27, 2013. Lectures 2A22a06 and 2A22a07 at JSBBA meeting in
03.04.2013 - AnGes MG licenses in cervical cancer vaccine Genorac BL from BioLeaders,
South Korea

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was invented by BioLeaders and will be clinically developed in Japan by Tokyo Medical School AnGes MG press release, April 3, 2013
01.04.2013 - Aqua-Therapeutics Co. receives capital injection for nucleic acid-therapy, di-
rected at diabetic retinopathy

Aqua-Therapeutics Co., a startup company in Fukuoka, has received 450 million Yen capital investment through a public-private partnership for accelerated development of its nucleic-acid based drug development for the treatment of diabetic retinotherapy. Other targets are viral Aqua-Therapeutics press release, April 1, 2013 For a survey of our services, please visit
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