EQVALAN® GOLD, the leader in spectrum of activity
Effi cacy Comparative Chart
Parasite species and stages treated as per * P, STRONGID
the labels of the commercially available , STRONGID
EQVALAN (Ivermectin/Praziquantel)
EQVALAN (Ivermectin)
EXODUS (Pyrantel pamoate)
PANACUR (Fenbendazole)
EQUIMAX (Ivermectin/Praziquantel)
BIMECTIN (Ivermectin
Encysted larval stagesCoronocyclus spp.- adults Coronocyclus spp. - larvae Coronocyclus coronatus - adultsCoronocyclus coronatus - larvaeCoronocyclus labiatus - adultsCoronocyclus labiatus - larvaeCoronocyclus labratus - adultsCoronocyclus labratus - larvaeCyathostomum spp. - adultsCyathostomum spp. - larvaeCyathostomum catinatum - adultsCyathostomum catinatum - larvaeCyathostomum pateratum - adultsCyathostomum pateratum - larvaeCylicocyclus spp. - adults Cylicocyclus spp. - larvae Cylicocyclus brevicapsulatus - adultsCylicocyclus brevicapsulatus - larvaeCylicocyclus elongatus - adultsCylicocyclus elongatus - larvaeCylicocyclus insigne - adultsCylicocyclus insigne - larvaeCylicocyclus leptostomum - adultsCylicocyclus leptostomum - larvaeCylicocyclus nassatus - adultsCylicocyclus nassatus - larvaeCylicocyclus radiatus - adultsCylicocyclus radiatus - larvaeCylicodontophorus spp. - adults Cylicodontophorus spp. - larvaeCylicostephanus spp. - adultsCylicostephanus spp. - larvaeCylicostephanus asymetricus - adultsCylicostephanus asymetricus - larvaeCylicostephanus bidentatus - adultsCylicostephanus bidentatus - larvaeCylicostephanus calicatus - adultsCylicostephanus calicatus - larvaeCylicostephanus goldi - adultsCylicostephanus goldi - larvaeCylicostephanus longibursatus - adultsCylicostephanus longibursatus - larvaeCylicostephanus minutus - adultsCylicostephanus minutus - larvaeGyalocephalus spp. - adultsGyalocephalus spp. - larvaeGyalocephalus capitatus - adultsGyalocephalus capitatus - larvaeParapoteriostomum euproctus - adultsParapoteriostomum euproctus - larvaeParapoteriostomum mettami - adultsParapoteriostomum mettami - larvaePetrovinema poculatum - adultsPetrovinema poculatum - larvaePoteriostomum imparidentatum - adultsPoteriostomum imparidentatum - larvaeStrongylus vulgaris - adultsStrongylus vulgaris - arterial stagesS. edentatus - adultsS. edentatus - larvae S. equinus - adultsCraterostomum acuticaudatum - adultsTriodontophorus spp. - adultsTriodontophorus brevicauda - adultsTriodontophorus serratus - adults Oxyuris equi - adultsOxyuris equi - L4 larvaeParascaris equorum - adults Parascaris equorum - L3 larvaeParascaris equorum - L4 larvae Onchocerca cervicalis - microfi lariae Gastrophilus intestinalisGastrophilus nasalis Draschia megastoma - cutaneous larvaeOnchocerca cervicalis - microfi lariae Total number of parasite species and stages treated 63
Based on approved label claims.
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Source: http://www.eqvalangold.ca/pdf/Eqvalan_Gold_Efficacy_Chart_ENG.pdf


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