K40 demountable suspended ceilings_hygien

To be read with Preliminaries/General conditions. ARMSTRONG PARAFON HYGIEN 600x600mm
Sound Absorption Performance:
Relative humidity:
Recycle content:
Drawing References: PJB/1739/J03/04 and H03/04 Armstrong World Industries,
Freephone 0800 371849, fax 01895 274287
Project Contact:
Tony Thompson – 07831 340241
Email: tthompson@armstrong.com
Product reference: Parafon Hygien BP9702M4G
Ceiling type: Soft Mineral Fibre with Reinforced Face
Grid form: Armstrong Prelude Non corrosive Suspension System 24mm comprising of
24mm universal main runner with 1200mm and 600mm TLX cross tees
Grid exposure: Exposed non corrosive 24mm Grid
Grid spacings: 600 x 600 mm.
Access: Infill Units Fully Demountable
Ceiling module: 600 x 600 mm.
Ceiling soffit above finished floor level: To match existing - Suspension system: As clause 217
- Perimeter trim: As clause 219
- Timber edge battens: As clause 218 (if required)
- Infill units: As clause 221
- Access units: As clause Not Required
- Insulation: As clause 226 (if required)
- Air plenum barriers: As clause 227 (if required)
- Accessories: As clause 228
Integrated services fittings: see M&E drawings GENERAL/PERFORMANCE
Ceiling: Items collectively constituting the ceiling surface i.e. infill units/boards/stretched fabric, access units and grid. Ceiling system: Ceiling plus suspension system and integrated services fittings. COMPONENTS
General: Submit representative samples of the following: Infill units K40 DEMOUNTABLE SUSPENDED CEILINGS_HYGIEN Demountable suspended ceilings (continued) SUSPENSION SYSTEM Armstrong Prelude non corrosive Suspension System
Extent of system: Include hangers, fixings, main runners, cross members, primary channels, perimeter trims, splines, noggings, clips, bracing, bridging, etc., which are necessary to complete the ceiling system and achieve performance. Top fixings: As recommended by ceiling contractor
Hangers: Armstrong Suspension Wire BPAW950G
Grid type: Exposed non corrosive Grid System
Finish: Pre-coated fully polymerized Polyester Finish
Colour: Armstrong Global White
Type: Planed softwood to BS EN 942, class J10. - Moisture content at time of fixing: 15% ± 2%. - Finish (apply before ceiling grid is installed): ______. PERIMETER TRIMS Armstrong non corrosive Perimeter Angle BPT1924LB
Type: Painted Perimeter Angle
- Fixings to perimeters: As recommended by ceiling contractor
- Fixing centres (maximum): 450 mm.
INFILL UNITS Armstrong Parafon Hygien BP 9702 M4G
Type: Soft Mineral Fibre with Reinforced Face
- Form: Lay in tiles
- Sizes: 600 x 600 mm.
- Finish: Painted Finish
- Colour: Armstrong Global White
Material: Rigid or semirigid non porous sheets with smooth nondusting surfaces. Fire spread rating: As for ceiling materials exposed within the ceiling void. INSTALLATION
General: Complete areas of the finished work in the following locations: ______. General: Set out accurately, continuous, even, and jointed at regular intervals. Provide level soffits free from undulations, lipping and distortions in grid members. Infill and access units, integrated services: Fit correctly and aligned. Edge/perimeter infill units size (minimum): Half standard width or length. Grid: Position to suit infill unit sizes. Allow for permitted deviations from nominal sizes. Infill joints and exposed suspension members: Straight, aligned and parallel to walls. Where building elements and features to which the ceiling systems relate are not square, straight or level, give notice. K40 DEMOUNTABLE SUSPENDED CEILINGS_HYGIEN Demountable suspended ceilings (continued) General: Secure, with additional bracing and stiffening as necessary to give a stable ceiling system resistant to design loads and pressures. Loading: Do not apply loads for which the suspension system is not designed. Ceiling materials: Remove and replace correctly using special tools and clean gloves, etc. as appropriate. - Concrete: Drill and insert suitable expanding anchors. - Aerated concrete: Fix through from the top of the concrete unit and provide a system of - Structural steel: Drill, or use suitable proprietary clips/adaptors. - Metal roof decking: Fix to sides of corrugations. - Timber: Fix to side of joists at least 50 mm from bottom edge. If ceiling system is intended for fire protection, fix into top third of joists. - Hollow structural members: Submit fixing proposals. Cartridge or powder activated methods: Do not use. Wire hangers: Straighten and tension before use. Installation: Install vertical or near vertical without bends or kinks. Do not allow hangers to press against fittings, services, insulation covering ducts/pipes. Obstructions: Where obstructions prevent vertical installation, either: - brace diagonal hangers against lateral movement; or - hang ceiling system on an appropriate rigid sub-grid bridging across obstructions and Extra hangers: Provide as required to carry additional loads. - Wire hangers: Tie securely at top with tight bends to loops to prevent vertical movement. - Angle/strap hangers: Do not rivet for top fixing. Jointing: Neat and accurate, without lipping or twisting. External and internal corners: Mitre joints.
For Internal corners overlap joints are acceptable
- Intermediate butt joints: Minimize. Use longest available lengths of trim. Align adjacent Fixing: Fix firmly to perimeter wall or other building structure. Main runners: Install level. Adjust with supporting hangers taut. Do not adjust by kinking or bending hangers. - Wire hangers passing through main runners: Sharply bend and tightly wrap loops. - Angle/strap hangers: Do not rivet for bottom fixing. - Angular displacement of long axis of one runner in relation to next runner in line with it: Cross members supported by main runners or other cross members: Install to form a right angle with intersecting runner. Cross tees: Flat and coplanar with flange of main runner after panel insertion. K40 DEMOUNTABLE SUSPENDED CEILINGS_HYGIEN Demountable suspended ceilings (continued) - Cross tees over 600 mm long, cut and resting on perimeter trim: Provide an additional Holding down clips: Locate to manufacturer's recommendations. - Fire protecting/resisting ceiling systems: Use clip type featured in the fire Primary support channels: Install level. Adjust level with supporting hangers taut. Do not level by kinking or bending hangers. - Wire hangers wrapped around primary channels: Wrap twice and tightly form loops. - Angle/strap hangers: Do not rivet for bottom fixing. Splines: Locate between infill units to level adjacent units and to resist air movement at joints. Spring-tee grids: Do not omit primary channel. - Cut perimeter infill units: Trim to full space between last grid member and perimeter trim. - Deeply textured infill units: Minimize variations in apparent texture and colour. In Concealed grids: Install infill units uniform, straight and aligned. Avoid dimension creep. - Infill units around recessed luminaires and similar openings: Prevent movement and Sound absorbing pads: Fit to prevent upward air movement through infill units. Cut or fold pads in cut perimeter infill units to full unit size. Reseal cut pads. Cut perimeter infill units: Firmly wedge into perimeter trim, or clip down. Removal: Do not damage infill units. Use tools designed for the purpose. Vertical ceiling systems: Support and brace to provide alignment and stability. High upstands: Provide support at base of upstand. Forming: Neat and accurate. Suit sizes and edge details of fittings. Do not distort ceiling system. General: Position services accurately, support adequately. Align and level in relation to the ceiling and suspension system. Do not diminish performance of ceiling system. Small fittings: Support with rigid backing boards or other suitable means. Do not damage or distort the ceiling. - Surface spread of flame rating of additional supporting material: Match ceiling material. - Supported by ceiling system: Provide additional hangers. - Independently supported: Provide flanges to support ceiling system. - Independently supported luminaires: Adjustable suspension to line and level of ceiling. - Ceiling supported luminaires: Modifications and/or extra support required: ______. Surface mounted luminaires: Do not inhibit designed grid expansion in fire. Modular fluorescent recessed luminaires: Compatible with ceiling module. Extension boxes must not foul ceiling system. K40 DEMOUNTABLE SUSPENDED CEILINGS_HYGIEN Demountable suspended ceilings (continued) Recessed rows of luminaires: Provide flanges for support of grid and infill units, unless mounted above grid flanges. Retain in place with lateral restraint. Fire protecting/resisting ceiling systems: Luminaires must maintain protection integrity of ceiling system. Access: Provide access for maintenance of luminaires. Recessed trunking: Provide flanges for support of grid and infill units, unless mounted above grid flanges. Retain in place with lateral restraint. - Inlet and outlet grilles: Trim ceiling grid and infill units to suit. - Space beneath: Sufficient for ceiling system components. - Suspension and connections: Permit accurate setting out and levelling of fan coil units. - Linear air diffusers: Provide flanges for support of grid and infill units. Provide for displacement of ceiling grid. Retain in place with lateral restraint. - Grille/diffuser ceiling joints: Provide smudge rings and edge seals. Sprinkler heads: Carefully set out and level. Fitting: Fit accurately and firmly with closely butted joints and no gaps. Insulation within individual infill units: Fit closely. Secure to prevent displacement when infill units are installed or subsequently lifted. Reseal cut dustproof sleeving. Width: Lay insulation in the widest practical widths to suit grid member spacings. Services: Do not cover electrical cables not sized accordingly. Cut insulation carefully around electrical fittings, etc. Do not lay insulation over luminaires. Sloping and vertical areas of ceiling system: Fasten insulation to prevent displacement. CEILING SYSTEMS INTENDED FOR FIRE PROTECTION Junctions of ceiling systems with perimeter abutments and service penetrations: Seal gaps with tightly packed mineral wool or intumescent sealant to prevent penetration of smoke and flame. Ceiling system/wall junctions: Maintain protective value of ceiling system. - Metal trim: Provide for thermal expansion. Access and access panels: Maintain continuity of fire protection. Ceiling void subdivision areas (maximum): ______ m². - General: Fix firmly to channels or angles at abutments to building structure. K40 DEMOUNTABLE SUSPENDED CEILINGS_HYGIEN Demountable suspended ceilings (continued) - At perimeters and joints: Secure. Provide permanent stability and continuity with no gaps. Provide a complete barrier to smoke and flame. Joints: Form to preserve integrity in fire. Service penetrations: Cut and pack to maintain barrier integrity. Sleeve flexible materials. Adequately support services passing through the barrier. Ceiling systems intended for fire protection: Do not impair fire resisting performance of ceiling system. Ceiling systems not intended for fire protection: Do not mechanically interlink barriers with ceiling system. Setting out: Align accurately with partition heads. Fixing: Fix tightly and secure at perimeters and joints. Use methods recommended by the barrier manufacturer, including steel support sections as appropriate. Provide permanent stability and continuity with no gaps. Gaps at junctions with partition heads, ceiling system, structural soffit, walls, ducts, pipes, etc.: Seal with mineral wool or suitable sealants. Fixing: Fix tightly and secure at perimeters and joints. Use methods recommended by the barrier manufacturer to ensure permanent stability. Edges and joints: Seal effectively to prevent air leakage. COMPLETION
Access tools: At Practical Completion supply one set of the following: - Correct methods for removing and replacing infill units and other components. - Ceiling systems intended for fire protection: Limitations placed on subsequent alterations and maintenance procedures, to ensure that their fire performance is not impaired. - Maximum number, position and value of point loads that can be applied to ceiling system General: At Practical Completion supply the following: ______. K40 DEMOUNTABLE SUSPENDED CEILINGS_HYGIEN

Source: http://www.hillsgroup.com/portals/hills/docs/ICRL%20Refurb/Section%205%20-%20Design%20Information/Armstrong%20Ceilings%20Drawing/K40%20DEMOUNTABLE%20SUSPENDED%20CEILINGS_HYGIEN.pdf


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