District Profile
Saharsa district falls within-25.37 to 26.32 degree N latitude& 86. 22to87.90 degree E longitude respectively.
Saharsa is both the district and commissionery( Madhepura, Supaul &Saharsa districts headquarters )through
upcoming nh-107 it is linked with nh-31 has road link with other important terms of the koshi zone and beyond upon
which the state private buses plight .The average population density is 1100per sq km with 91.7 percent of
population living in 469 villages. The average literacy rate is 54.57percent.Female to male ratio is 906 to 1000.there
is about 16 percent population belongs to sc and negligible percent of scheduled tribe .the gross cropped area is about
205000 ha with a cropping intensity of 183% .the average size of holding is around 0.8ha .
Floods are quite common in the area, which cuts of the whole region from rest of the state. In koshi there is large area of water which has a very good potential for fisheries and makhana along with recreation. The farming system in this zone consists of mainly of paddy based crop production which is substantiated by livestock production mostly of desi cows, buffaloes, goats poultry piggery and fisheries. Among agroforestry the bamboo is the most common followed by some semal, seesam etc.
It falls under agro ecological subregion 13.1 with hot dry to moist sub humid conditions in the agro-climatic zone-11
of the north- east alluvial plains of North Bihar.
Annual rainfall - 1300mm
Av. Max&Min temp. 36/c &8/c
Av.relative humidity- 75% mor &57%eve
Av.Max &Min. Evap. - 7.92 &1.97 mm/day

The natural vegetation consists of mainly Mango, Jack fruit, Guava, Bel, pomegranate,babul bamboo ,semal seesam
etc.in trees with variety of bushes and grasses. Over the water logged and marshy land water hyacinth and algae
dominates. The Common weeds are guma (lovens aspera ) kukroandh (Blumea incera) bathua(chenopodium
) gorkhul( tribulus sp.)and bhang (cannabis indica) etc
In general the landscape is monotonously raised river side the upland called as levee and the alternating depressions
between the streams the oxbow lakes or the low lands commonly known as chaurs with in between medium and low
lands. The soils have developed form non-calcareous and non- saline deposits in the alluvial plains/cones of river kosi.
Sand fraction is dominated by quartz. With appreciable amount of mica(Muscovite)and feldspars(orthoclase and
plagioclase)among the light minerals. A varied range of heavy minerals is present which constitute rather small
fraction of the total sand.
Soils are very deep, imperfectly to moderately well drained water logged soils and could be the variants of typic ustifluvents and typic haplaquents. The soils are comparatively heavier textured i.e silt loam to silt loam to silty clay loam on the surface under low land situations.

Source: http://kvksaharsa.org/admin/pdf_upload/District%20Profiles.pdf

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