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CanAmerica Pharmacy Offers $100 Or More Off Lipitor to American Customers
Savvy American consumers know that Lipitor is a valuable drug as part of a regimen to reduce cholesterol, but it's also expensive for shoppers who don't know there are bargains are to be found for those in on the secret.
The active ingredient in Lipitor is atorvastatin, a chemical the American FDA found has been helpful in reducing blood pressure. But such a prescription costs nearly $380 a month if you get it from your local pharmacy. Why not pay one-third or one-half that? In Canada, the regulatory authority has approved the Lipitor generic, and CanAmerica Drugs is proud to offer that savings to American consumers who want to save $150 to $200 or more on their next prescription.
“Cobalt, the manufacturer, developed this product under license with Pfizer, the maker of Lipitor,” notes Brent Venton, CanAmerica Global Director of Operations. “Our whole purpose is to save our customers as much money as possible.” CanAmerica is a company that has worked to help Canadians and Americans find the best prescriptions to fit their needs for more than eight years, with the Canadian Health Checker designation proof that they meet their requirements.
“Lipitor is the one of the best selling drugs in the world. In May 2010, Health Canada issued approvals for generic version of Lipitor to be released in Canada,” noted Adelaine Saria, CanAmerica Global Director of Pharmacy. “This bioequivalent form of Lipitor works in the body the same way as Lipitor. [and] is immediately available at significant savings to the consumer.” So, if it's legal in Canada, why aren't consumers able to buy Lipitor equivalents over the counter in American pharmacies? The answer relies on a lot of trademark and patent law, but can be summed up a bit more simply: patent law and release dates vary enough that Canadian consumers benefit earlier.
So, too, can United States residents who make the cost effective choice of ordering through mail order pharmacies. The CanAmerica team of pharmacists work with American doctors and respond to patients' concerns to ensure that the medication they order is what their doctor prescribes.
It would be hard for older Americans to believe a foreign company, but CanAmerica officials say they would not be the first. The firm has built its reputation on eight years of happy customers looking for the best prices on Lipitor equivalents and other prescription needs that are putting a dent in so many retirement accounts.
When a consumer can get a three-month supply of a 10 milligram Lipitor equivalent for a little more than $110, versus $260 or more for the brand name, or a 20 mg prescription for about $145 versus nearly $380, Venton and others wonder why the choice isn't more clear.
Talking to one's doctor is a key part of any decision involving one's health and wellbeing. An atorvastatin-based product similar to Lipitor may save Americans money, without changing the way their doctors treat their cholesterol.
Brent Venton
Director of Operations
Canamerica Drugs
9-1421 St. James Street
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R3H 0Y9
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Hed: LemonFree.com Offers 2 Million Used Car Listings For Hassle-Free Buying Sub Hed: Savvy Consumers Realizing That Now Is The Right Time To Go Used Incentives are through the roof with some automakers and Americans could be forgiven for thinking that now is the right time to buy. Look a little deeper and it's becoming clear that hidden costs could sink car buyers, and why choosing a trusted used car marketplace like LemonFree.com is critical for today's savvy consumer.
While automotive dealerships offer discounts, most buyers can't pay cash. Today, financing a new car loan is expensive enough that it makes it more costly to buy one than it has been in more than two years, according to Comerica Bank data.
"Because of that, more and more consumers are realizing the potential savings of buying a used car," says Daniel Legal, co-founder of LemonFree.com.
Legal and LemonFree co-founder Lance Schafer recognized the value of providing a website where consumers could get as much unbiased information as possible without worrying about advertiser influence. They offer nearly two million listings throughout the U.S. and Canada alongside their reviews, and buyers can even compare the average pricing of similar cars within a 200-mile radius to gauge the market.
Consumers have already written their gratitude at being able to find an affordable used car without worrying about problematic poor quality pre-owned vehicles. One recently commented, "I was feeling hopeless looking for a Nissan Maxima at a decent price. When I came to LemonFree.com, I found my car and now I'm on my way to get it!" Compare that to the new car buying experience for many. Money is tight for a lot of families, and it can take a near perfect credit rating that a lot of Americans simply don't have. Experts say it may take years for the situation to improve.
Take General Motors as one example. The company had to sell its in-house, or captive, financing wing in the wake of the financial meltdown and buyers now need to find private lending from banks who have no incentive to make a deal.
There has been talk that GM would be re-creating a financing arm that would make loans in-house. Normally they would be pre-disposed to making good terms available, even to the 1 in 6 Americans who is considered "sub-prime" or a credit risk.
But automotive manufacturers are trying to stay afloat and that means only the best qualified buyers are given loans. It leaves only one avenue available to many Americans, a fact the LemonFree.com staff understand well. In fact, their used car horror stories led to the site's creation.
Legal spent more than $100 in a fruitless attempt to sell his 2000 Volkswagen Golf. Print classifieds didn't reach the same audience that online marketplaces do. One of the leaders at the time was a generalized site, but he says that trying to search for cars was difficult at best and not targeted to buyers' needs.
There was the opening, and along with Schafer, Legal had seen the success of game changers in other sectors. As Schafer says, "We had a vision for creating a fast automotive site that focused on the consumer and all of the cars available." They did, and they focused on creating a site where advertising wouldn't play a role in their growth. Instead, LemonFree.com invites buyers and sellers to peruse thousands of cars in their area for free, and even more in each region of the U.S. and Canada.
Buyers know that since dealers and private sellers don't have to pay a fee, they can use their advertising dollars on ensuring that a quality car is listed on the site, and they reward vendors who take care of their customers.
Sellers have enjoyed the site, too, knowing that they can reach millions of prospective owners with the click of a button and without paying a dime.
"The used car market is only going to get bigger in the next six to 12 months," concludes Legal. "Saying that, there will also be many more people trying to sell bad cars and we are working every day to help better educate car buyers through our site so they can spot a lemon from a mile away."----About LemonFree.comLemonFree.com is the premier used car marketplace for buyers looking to find quality, affordable pre-owned vehicles. The site's model encourages sellers and dealers to use their reputation for excellent used car service and pricing rather than advertising dollars. With 4.5 million views monthly of almost 2 million vehicles, LemonFree.com is the one stop shop for used car buyers and sellers who want a transparent buying process.
Contact :
Robert Langtry
Marketing Manager
305 - 171 Donald St
Winnipeg, MB R3C1M4
Phone: (204) 272-9595
E-mail: rlangtry@lemonfree.com
Web Site:For Immediate Release
LED Transformations Introduces New Market Research Suite to Solid State Lighting Industry STANTON, N.J. -- Solid state lighting can be a difficult industry to forecast, and LED Transformations' new market research services has launched to help luminaire manufacturers ensure that their products are position to maximize return on investment. "With decades of product design experience, we've found that the SSL industry can be difficult to navigate for new and established players alike," said Dr. John W. Curran, founder and president of LED Transformations, LLC. "We know how to bring LED-based products to market, and have leveraged the experience of top researchers to aid our clients in reaching their profit goals." It's a process that includes primary and secondary research techniques to limit future market-related errors, Dr. Curran added. Common questions addressed by LED Transformations researchers include market size and growth, shares of prospective competitors and consumer loyalty and propensity to switch. "The SSL industry is a major growth opportunity for firms in the lighting sector," Dr. Curran added. "The differences in the technology and those who design them mean that companies will get the most value by choosing the services of industry experts who can navigate the shifting landscape." ----About LED Transformations, LLC Backed by 30 years of development and marketing experience, the LED Transformations team specializes in education, qualification and testing, market research and product development of solid-state lighting products and components. As an independent firm, the company provides unbiased perspectives on LED devices, luminaires, components and lighting applications. For more information, visit www.ledtransformations.com. Contact Dr. John W. (Jack) Curran, President LED Transformations, LLC PO Box 224 Stanton, NJ 08885 Phone: 908-437-6007 E-mail: jcurran@ledtransformations.comWeb Site: www.ledtransformations.com For Immediate Release
U.S. Government Taps LED Transformations for SSL Education Seminars LED Transformations, LLC prides itself on providing educational services to private and public vendors looking to increase their understanding of the pitfalls and benefits of the solid-state lighting industry. Now, principal Dr. John W. Curran will be speaking on behalf of the Department of Energy at a number of national conferences. "Our firm has led the way in independent analysis and education for sectors that can benefit from solid state lighting, free from manufacturers' claims and advertising material," noted Curran, the firm's founder and principal. "We're excited that the U.S. Department of Energy has tapped into our experience to help more firms find out how to leverage SSL technology." The DOE's program for 2010 events includes increasing awareness and education among audiences with little exposure to solid-state lighting. This season of seminars will address groups including federal agencies, facilities managers, energy managers at all levels of government, electrical contractors and energy coordinators and engineers. Confirmed conferences include NeoCon, GreenBuildingsNY and FIMS Real Estate Workshop in June, Southeast Building Conference in July and the GovEnergy workshop in August. The Department of Energy will be working in concert with Dr. Curran, who already has delivered top-rated talks at Lightfair two years running, to adapt previous lessons for the different audiences. In addition, there are a number of smaller presentations under review, targeting industries where solid-state lighting could make an impact. "We have been providing educational services for Fortune 500 concerns and conference participants with excellent results, and this partnership with the DOE represents a new step and access to groups who can truly benefit from solid state lighting education," concluded Curran. "LED Transformations understands how difficult it can be to navigate conflicting claims and incomplete standards, and we're looking to provide a road map for these events' attendees this year." -------About LED Transformations, LLC Backed by 30 years of development and marketing experience, the LED Transformations team specializes in education, qualification and testing, market research and product development of solid-state lighting products and components. As an independent firm, the company provides unbiased perspectives on LED devices, luminaires, components and lighting applications. For more information, visit www.ledtransformations.com. Contact Dr. John W. (Jack) Curran, President LED Transformations, LLC PO Box 224 Stanton, NJ 08885 Phone: 908-437-6007 E-mail: jcurran@ledtransformations.comWeb Site:

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