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Little Academy Nursery
Application Form
Child’s Information

Family Information
Current Residental address

Emergency Contact Information

Attendance Information
My child will attend:
3 days (Sun, Tues, Thurs)
2 days (Mon, Wed)
Has your child been in a nursery before? Where?
Would you be interested in your child attending summer camp during July and/or August?
Documents required with registration
2 Passport size photos.
A copy of your child resident permit.
A copy of your child’s sponsor resident permit.
A copy of your child immunization records.
Medical Information
Is your child currently under medical care? Yes/No
If yes, please explain: _______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
Does your child have any allergies or recurring illness? Yes/No
If yes, please explain: _______________________________________________________
Medical and Transportation Waiver
I / We the undersigned parents / guardians of _____________________, a minor,
do hereby authorize Little Academy Nursery as our agent to consent to any
diagnostic procedure or medical care which is deemed advisable by and is rendered
under the general or special supervision of any licensed physician or surgeon.
It is understood that this authorization is given in advance of any specific need for
treatment but is given to provide authority on the part of our aforesaid agent(s) to
give specific consent to any and all such diagnosis, treatment or hospital care which
the physician in the exercise of his best judgment may deem advisable.
This authorization shall remain effective until the child’s withdraws from Little
Academy Nursery unless sooner evoked in writing and delivered to said agent(s).
Also, I hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have
against Little Academy Nursery, its representatives and assigns for any and all
injuries suffered by my child in transit.

Parent/ Guardians Signature
___________________ Date _________________


In the case were a fever (38.5 degree Celsius or above) is detected on my child and
both I or my partner/emergency contact are unattainable and do not respond to
phone calls from the nursery, I__________________________ hereby give
permission to the nursery to administer Paracetamol (Calpol) dosage: ______ml.
Parent/ Guardians Signature ___________________ Date _________________
If you wish to have your child dismissed to individuals other than yourself
(grandmother, nanny, uncle etc), then please list the name below.
Name__________________ Mobile__________________
The Nursery requires that you provide below a secret PASSWORD which would be
used in the event that neither you nor the individuals listed above are able to pick up
your child. In that event, please call the Nursery with the name of the person picking
up your child and your password.
Special Password __________________________

Would you like your child to attend Introduction to Arabic Language?
Yes No
Photo Permission
I hereby give permission for my child’s photo to be taken and used for classroom
projects, photo gallery, web site, Facebook or in our newsletter.
Yes No
Fees are due on the beginning of every quarter as follow
Quarters 5 Days
September 1st
November 15th
QR 6 060 QR 4 475
February 2nd
April 14th
Registration: QR 2000
A discount of 15% is applicable to first sibling and 20% to second sibling.
(No discount on registration fee for more than one sibling)
Little Academy Nursery
Policies and Procedures
Mission Statement
We at Little Academy Nursery aim to provide a safe, caring, fun and
stimulating environment in which your child has the opportunity to
experience high educational care.
Each child at Little Academy Nursery is given the opportunity to gain practice in all areas of learning, which will help build their self-esteem and prepare them for future life skills. Little Academy Nursery treats each child with love, respect and offers a positive learning environment. Little Academy Nursery has been specifically designed to simulate a home like environment that provides children with the opportunity to choose, explore and discover the world around them through the use of a variety of activities and interest centers. Little Academy Nursery prides itself on providing dedicated, professional and highly qualified staff. Equal Opportunities
We at Little Academy Nursery value and respect all racial origins, religions,
cultures and languages. Each child is valued as an individual without racial or
gender stereotyping. Our play equipment is selected to show positive images
of all races, cultures and disabilities.
Our good practice enables your child to develop positive attitudes to
different races, cultures, language, religion and gender.
We at Little Academy Nursery accept admissions from all races, religions
and cultures. Availability will be given on the basis of first come, first
Should there be no availability for your child, he/she will be placed on the
waiting list. When a space becomes available it will then be offered to the
first person on the list.
Our aim is to provide appropriate learning opportunities for all children. Therefore, management reserves the right to evaluate all special needs cases. In the event that the nursery determines your child has special needs that are beyond the nursery’s abilities, then the matter will be referred to the Family Development Department (FDD) for the appropriate action(s). Settling In
Little Academy Nursery aims to ensure your child’s introduction to our
nursery is as stress free as possible.
We aim to achieve this by inviting you and your child to visit the nursery
prior to your child’s start date. This will help familiarize your child with the
nursery, their teacher and the other children.
We at Little Academy Nursery recommend that for the first few days your
child should attend only for a few hours. If a child is extremely upset and a
teacher is unable to settle him/her, the parents will then be contacted to
come and collect their child.
There is no set time in which a child will settle into the new environment.
Some may easily adjust, others may have some difficulty. Based on this, the
teacher and parent will decide on a suitable plan of action.
Little Academy Nursery appreciate that this can also be a stressful and
upsetting time for parents. Parents can call for an update on their child
throughout the day.
Little Academy Nursery fees are payable quarterly. Fees can be paid in cash,
check or bank transfer. Please ask for further details from the reception.
All fees unfortunately are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. Fees must be paid in full prior to your child’s attendance. Please note that there are no refunds or discounts during holiday breaks, vacations, illness or your child’s absence from the nursery. No refunds apply should you decide or the Nursery decides to remove your child from the registry. Part time enrollment is not available for children above 3 years old. It is standard policy at Little Academy Nursery, that we request you to issue a check for the amount of QR. 1 500, made out to Little Academy Nursery; signed, but not dated. This check will stand as guarantor and deposited in lieu of any late payment not received by the due date whether it be a quarterly or monthly payment. Failure to abide by this ruling will result in your child being removed from the registry, until any outstanding fees are updated. The reinstatement of your child is subject to the approval of Management only.
If you wish to take your child out of the nursery for any reason, please
provide two weeks’ notice. If you are unable to give a two week notice, two
weeks of nursery fees is payable in lieu of the notice.
If your child is withdrawn from the nursery and is re-enrolled at a future
date, a nonrefundable registration fee will apply.
Late payment of fees
To ensure that fees are paid on time, the following process applies:
The first invoice will be sent two weeks before the fees are due by you. A
reminder will then follow one week before the payment due date. If a
payment is not received by the due date, an official first notice will be sent.
Parents are given three days from that date to settle the account. If the
fees still remain unpaid, a second notice will be sent to settle the account
immediately, within 24 hrs. If the payment is not made by then a final notice
will be sent and forwarded to the FDD for the appropriate actions.
Late pick up fee
Little Academy Nursery closes at 3:30pm. Please make sure you pick up your
child before then. If you are running late and collect your child later than
3:30pm, a late fee will be incurred. The charge is QR100 for every
15minutes of being late.

Child Protection
Should Little Academy Nursery suspect that any child is suffering from any
form of abuse; the management may immediately contact the Qatar
Foundation for Child & Woman Protection. This organization then has the
legal right to contact the local police for a full investigation.

Confidentiality Policy
All information relating to your child will be kept strictly confidential and
will not be discussed with anyone except the parent/guardian and on a need
to know basis. All paperwork is kept in a locked cabinet; access is limited to
management personnel only.
Any staff found breaking Little Academy Nursery confidentiality policy is in
breach of their contract and will be dealt with accordingly.

Discipline Policy:
Little Academy Nursery believes in promoting positive behavior. We aim to
teach self-discipline, consideration for each other and respect to our
surroundings and property. Each child will be encouraged when he/she
demonstrates acceptable behavior. However, when a child is having a
difficult time following directions or is continuously mistreating others
and/or equipment, then the child will be put in "time out" for a very brief
time. If the unacceptable behavior is on-going, the parents will be contacted
so that a team approach to behavior management can be attempted between
the home and Little Academy Nursery. However, if the child’s parents do not
cooperate or the child continues to have strong tantrums for a prolonged
period of time, then the matter will be referred to the FDD for the
appropriate actions.

Health Practices
Little Academy Nursery follows strict health and safety guidelines set by
the Supreme Council of Health. Listed below are procedures that all classes
in Little Academy Nursery follow.
*Hand Washing: Hands must be washed before and after meals, before and
after bathroom use, and after handling a sick child.
*Diaper Changing: Hands will be washed before and after changing diapers.
The changing mat is sterilized with recommended child friendly bleach
solution before and after each use. Staff wear disposable gloves when
diaper changing. Diaper changing is recorded in a log kept next to the
changing table.
*Toys and Equipment: These will be sterilized weekly and as needed with
the recommended disinfecting solution.
*Bedding: Parents are requested to provide a blanket and pillow for their
child. These items will be sent home on a weekly basis to be washed.
*Soiled Clothing: These items will be rinsed and sent home in a zip lock bag
to be washed.

*Accidents and Injuries: If an accident should occur, First aid will be
administered to the child. Each accident/incident will be recorded on a
report and parents will also be sent an email informing them of the
circumstances in which the accident/incident occurred. The report is to be
signed by the parent and kept in the child’s file.
Safety Practices
Release of Children:
Children will NOT be released to anyone except those
authorized to pick up the child as per the enrollment form. If someone else
will be picking your child up, please contact Little Academy Nursery and give
the name of that person, they will be asked to show ID on arrival and supply
Little Academy Nursery with the password.
Children Injured At Home: If your child is injured at home, please inform a
member of staff in his/her class of the incident/accident when you bring
your child to Little Academy Nursery.
Sun Protection
We at Little Academy Nursery want all staff and children to enjoy the sun
safely. Little Academy Nursery will actively encourage all children to wear a
sun hat when playing outside. Parents should apply sun cream on their child
before they come to school.
All children will be playing outside unless Little Academy Nursery receives a
medical certificate, which should clearly state the medical reason as to why
the child is not allowed participate in outside play.
Falling ill:
In the event a child becomes ill and needs to be picked up, the
child will be kept apart from the rest of the class, until a parent or
authorized person arrives. The parent or authorized person must try and
pick up their child within one hour of being called. Your child may return to
the nursery when they are symptom free for at least 24hours.
Non Admittance: Your child will not be allowed to attend Little Academy
Nursery if he/she exhibits symptoms of an illness or has a fever that
requires medication to control it.
If your child is unable to participate in the normal activities of the daily
schedule, then your child should rather stay at home. For the protection of
the other children, children with the following symptoms should remain at

Symptoms for Exclusion:

*Fever of 101.6F or 38.5C or higher
*Diarrhea (excluded for 24 hours from the last diarrhea stool)
*Vomiting (excluded for 24 hours from the last time the child vomits)
*Eye discharge or Pinkeye (must be treated with antibiotic drops for 24
*Chicken pox
*Hand foot and mouth disease
*Lice or Nits (Must be completely free of all nits and lice)
*Cough, a light cough or a deep chest cough.
*Green nasal discharge
In the case that your child has had a contagious disease, a doctor’s note will
be required once symptoms are clear to confirm that it is safe for him to be
amongst other children.
Staff Illness: Staff members who display signs of an infectious illness will
not be required to work. In that event, a substitute teacher will replace her
until her return to Little Academy Nursery.
Medical Emergencies
In the event of a medical emergency, we will first call 999, and then
parents/guardian will be contacted as soon as possible. If the
parent/guardian cannot be reached, Little Academy Nursery will then
contact the person listed on the enrollment form as an emergency contact.
If immediate medical attention is required, the facilities at Hamad Hospital
will be used.
The nursery will administer Paracetamol (Calpol) in the case were a fever
(38.5 degree Celsius or above) is detected on a child and the parents and
emergency contact are unattainable and do not respond to phone calls from
the nursery.

Medications will only be administered by Little Academy where it would be
detrimental to the child’s health if not given while at the nursery and under
the following conditions:
*Written Consent: Medicine will only be administered with written parental
*Prescription Medication: All prescription medication must be in its original
container and clearly labeled with the child’s full name, date prescription was
filled or medication’s expiration date and legible instructions for
administration, such as manufacture’s instruction or prescription label.
*Non-Prescriptive Medication:
The following classifications can be given
with written parental consent only as to the dose, duration and method of
administration specified on the manufacturers label for the age or weight of
the child needing medication. The following is a list of acceptable non-
prescription medication:
Non-aspirin fever reducers/pain relievers
Anti-itching ointments or lotions, intended specifically to relieve itching.
Diaper ointments and powders intended specifically for the use in the
diaper area of the child.
Sun screen cream
*Note: Fever Suppressant will only be administered if the fever of the child
occurs during school hours. Fever suppressant will not be given, if requested
by parents at the time of dropping their child at school. A child with fever
is best kept at home to recover.
Child Care Policies
To assist staff with your child’s daily routine, you need to fill in the Child
Information Form available in the parent`s handbook handed to you on
Parents with babies enrolled are asked to provide baby food as well as
formula or milk. Little Academy Nursery requests you to provide a sufficient
amount of supplies to take care of your child’s daily needs.
Diapers: Little Academy Nursery will only use disposable diapers which are
provided by the parent. Diapers are changed on an average of 4 times a day.
Toilet Training: Little Academy Nursery aims to work with parents to
support potty training once the parents initiate the toilet training process at
home. In order to be successful in this training, it is important that both
parents and staff are consistent in their techniques. Children as well as
staff will wash their hands after using the toilet.

In order to maintain a hygienic environment at Little Academy Nursery,
staff will continuously evaluate the toilet behavior of each child. If during
the process of toilet training a child exhibits signs of being not ready by
refusing to cooperate with staff or if the child has many toileting accidents
(4 accidents in a week), then the nursery will request the parents to use a
pull up diaper for the child. The toilet training will recommence when we, the
nursery and the parents, assess that the child is ready to start again.
Meals and Snacks
Little Academy Nursery promotes healthy eating and encourages parents to
assist by providing their child with fresh and natural foods such as fresh
fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, milk and milk products.
Lunch and Snacks:
Parents should provide one healthy snack each day. No
egg, nut or fish products are allowed due to the high risk to other
children who may have allergies to these.
All snacks and lunches need to be nutritious and
packed in a lunch box, clearly labeled with your child’s name.
Contract Termination Policy
Little Academy Nursery will contact the FDD to seek their assistance and approval for expelling a child from our program for the following, but not limited reasons: *Parent exhibits physical, verbal or intimidating actions towards staff members *Parent exhibits verbal abuse or inappropriate language to staff or children *Parents failure to pay nursery fees *Habitual lateness in payment of fees *Failure to complete the required forms including the child’s immunization records *Habitual tardiness when picking up your child *Failure of parent’s cooperation *Abuse of nursery property by the child and/or parent The child is at risk of causing serious injury to other children or him/her self. *Failure of the child to adjust after a reasonable amount of time *Uncontrollable tantrums/angry outburst by the child *Ongoing physical or verbal abuse to staff or other children by the concerned child *Excessive biting Little Academy Nursery reserves the right to change its fees, terms, conditions and policies at any time and without prior notices. Wadi Al Qura, Al-Mamourah
P. O. Box 1636 Doha, Qatar
Tel: (974) 4460 2713 / (974) 6616 1135
Fax: (974) 4460 4272


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