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P.O. Box 130, Shenandoah, IA 51601-0130
A Division of LLOYD, Inc. PrednisTab®, Prednisolone USP Tablets
Phone No. (712) 246-4000
6/21/95; 12/19/95; 8/27/98; 6/28/06 (Revised)
Product Name: PrednisTab®, Prednisolone USP Tablets


INGREDIENTS: (% w/w), unless otherwise noted
This document is prepared pursuant to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200). Only those ingredients composing >1% (>0.1% for carcinogens or suspect carcinogens) of the formula (w/w) and which have identified hazards are listed. In addition, other substances not hazardous per this OSHA standard may be listed.
APPEARANCE: PrednisTab 5 mg - White compressed caplet with "PT 5" on one side and capsule logo on the other side. PrednisTab 20 mg - White compressed elliptical tablet with "PT20" on one side and logo and quadrisect on the other side. Other physical data have not been determined. FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA:
This has not been evaluated.
EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Water fog, alcohol foam, CO2, dry chemical.

This has not been evaluated. The product is expected to be stable under normal storage conditions; avoid strong oxidizers.
ACTION TO TAKE FOR SPILLS/LEAKS: Sweep up and dispose of in DOT-approved waste containers. Keep out of sewers, storm drains, surface waters and soil. DISPOSAL METHOD: Dispose of contaminated product and materials used in cleaning up spills or leaks in a manner approved for this material. Consult appropriate federal, state and local regulatory agencies to ascertain proper disposal procedures. HEALTH HAZARD DATA:
EYE: This product is not expected to irritate the eyes under normal conditions.
SKIN CONTACT: This product is not expected to irritate the skin under normal conditions. SKIN ABSORPTION: A single prolonged exposure is not likely to result in the material being absorbed through skin in harmful amounts, however skin absorption may occur with prolonged exposure. INGESTION: The effects of accidental ingestion of large quantities of prednisolone over a very short period of time have not been reported. The effects may include the usual corticoid contraindications. INHALATION: Inhalation exposure under normal conditions of use is not likely to cause adverse effects, however it may occur with prolonged exposure. Prednisolone -- Subcutaneous LD50 (rat) 147 mg/kg MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET

P.O. Box 130, Shenandoah, IA 51601-0130
A Division of LLOYD, Inc. PrednisTab®, Prednisolone USP Tablets
Phone No. (712) 246-4000
6/21/95; 12/19/95; 8/27/98; 6/28/06 (Revised) EYES: Immediately flush eyes with copious amounts of running water for 15 minutes. SKIN: Wash off in flowing water or shower. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes; wash before reuse. INGESTION: SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. Treatment of acute overdosage is by immediate gastric lavage or emesis. INHALATION: Remove to fresh air. Give artificial respiration if not breathing. Seek medical attention immediately if excessive exposure occurs. NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: No specific antidote. Supportive care consistent with a corticosteroid overdose
should be considered.

There is no OSHA PEL or ACGIH TLV for this product or for prednisolone, the active ingredient. Under normal conditions of use, no special handling precautions are required in areas with adequate ventilation. However, under conditions of prolonged exposure, safety glasses with side shields, gloves and a dust respirator are recommended. SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN IN HANDLING AND STORAGE: Exercise reasonable care and caution. Pregnant women should limit their exposure to this drug.
REGULATORY INFORMATION: (Not meant to be all-inclusive--selected regulations represented.)
NOTICE: The information herein is presented in good faith and believed to be accurate as of the effective date
shown above. However, no warranty, express or implied, is given. Regulatory requirements are subject to change
and may differ from one location to another; it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that its activities comply with
federal, state or provincial, and local laws. The following specific information is made for the purpose of complying
with numerous federal, state or provincial, and local laws and regulations. See MSD Sheet for health and safety
U.S. REGULATIONS: SARA HAZARD CATEGORY: This product has been reviewed according to the
federal EPA "Hazard Categories" promulgated under Sections 311 and 312 of the Superfund Amendment and
Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA Title III) and is considered, under applicable definitions, to be exempt from
reporting requirements. Nevertheless, potential reporters should check with their state emergency response
commissions to determine if this product must be reported under applicable state requirements.


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