Industry study benefi ts from Network know-howChildren with chronic kidney disease will benefi t from the results of an international clinical study led by a Manchester-based consultant working with the Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN). This important commercial research study “I think the speed at which documents are step we could take to help other people. At looked at children with kidney disease who the beginning we went regularly but these Network. The whole way in which we were able days we only have to visit the hospital every to action ethical approvals and R&D approvals drug called losartan treated this condition. was much faster in the Trusts because of MCRN Proteinuria, if left untreated, can reduce involvement. They provided a resource, in terms Gail says that it is the support provided by of staff support, that made a real diff erence.” Network staff that has ensured her family’s to blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke in later life. The study proved that losartan could signifi cantly lower “Taking part in the study has never been a protein levels and so benefi t patients.
“It’s also important to highlight the impact problem. The nurses always keep in touch, let me know when the medicine is due and achieved a high rate of retention and this they’re always there to meet me when we from publication in the Clinical Journal of was down to the relationships researchers have a hospital appointment. They’ve made built with the children and their families. It’s sure it’s been a positive experience and I’d be emphasised the role MCRN has to play in the one thing recruiting patients to a trial, but it’s successful delivery of Industry studies.
The study was the fi rst time MCRN had worked Helena Prady, a senior research nurse in the Greater Manchester MCRN, describes some of their ability to impact on a study by playing a signifi cant role from an early stage. They put Merck, Sharpe and Dohme in touch with “Recruiting a child to a research study is a the eventual global study lead and recruited big commitment for the child, but it’s a big another English site (Great Ormond Street) commitment for the family too. The danger when it proved necessary. Dr Nick Deaney, we face is that the child and his/her family Merck, Sharpe and Dohme Research Director, fi nd the process too onerous and decide to withdraw from the study, or at the end of the study decide to avoid research in the future.” “We got two clear benefi ts from working with MCRN. Firstly, they directed us to Dr Because of this risk, Helena and her Network Involvement (PPI) is helping Network staff Nick Webb, who became heavily involved in meet the needs of the patients and families the design and implementation of the study. involved in clinical research more eff ectively. Secondly, when we realised recruitment was used the Network’s fl exibility to make themselves available for hospital visits at the cer, feels their network of Young Person’s beginning and end of the day – the times Advisory Groups is starting to bare fruit: site and help us recruit to target. From our most convenient for busy families. And they point of view, MCRN provided an invaluable provided parents with their mobile numbers “We set up the fi rst Young Person’s Advisory so they could get in touch if necessary. By providing this sort of access the nurses based at Alder Hey Children’s Foundation minimized the disruption to family life.
Trust in 2006. We recruited 15 young people director of the Greater Manchester, Lancashire Gail Russell’s son, Robert, took part in the Research Network and consultant paediatric original losartan trial and is still involved medicine, in some form or another. We now nephrologist explains how the MCRN’s ability have groups based in Trent, West Midlands, to provide support with regulatory approvals the South West and London who all form one “Robert’s been on the study for two years National Advisory Group. Our profi le is rising and he has to take losartan every day. We got and we’re providing consultation exercises involved because it seemed like a positive to researchers for service and treatment Impact of MCRN demonstrated in key industry study West Midlands Young Person’s Advisory Group learning about formulations; how medicines are made for programmes, off ering opinions and advice on patient information leafl ets and websites, working with researchers on the design of interview schedules and much more.” implement, in particular when the impacts on the family have not been considered or minimised. The MCRN fosters collaboration between experts and children, parents and/or carers when studies are being designed and implemented, a process that has been shown to improve the experience of participants and families and accelerate recruitment.
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