Compositor – Digital Artist

Cell Phone: (323) 528-6501
Email: ziad@polarisfilms.net
849 S. Broadway Loft 406 Los Angeles, CA 90014 Software: Shake, Maya, Nuke, Icy, Digital Fusion, Combustion, Photoshop
Knowledge of Unix Command Line, Shake Expressions and Macros
Bachelor of Arts - Film Production Emphasis, San Francisco State University 1990
Member of the Visual Effects Society (VES)
Rhythm & Hues Studios

“The Golden Compass” Feature Film 2007
R&H Comp Sup. Josh Saeta, Lead: Heather Hoyland
Digital Domain

“Pirates of the Carribean- At Worlds End” Feature Film 2007
Walt Disney Studios, Director: Gore Verbinski DD Comp Sup. Sonja Burchard, Comp Lead: Dan Cobbett “Meet the Robinsons” 3D Stereo – Feature Film Release 2007
Walt Disney Studios, Director: Stephen J. Anderson DD VFX Supervisor: Nordin Rahhali, Comp Lead: Ryan Phalen
CIS Hollywood
“We Are Marshall” Feature Film Release 2006
CIS VFX Supervisor: Tom Smith, VFX Producer: Melissa Brockman “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” Feature Film Release 2006
Universal Pictures, Original Film, Director: Justin Lin CIS VFX Supervisor: Gregory Liegey, VFX Producer: Julie Orosz “Xmen: The Last Stand” Feature Film Release 2006
20th Century Fox, Marvel, Director: Brett Ratner CIS VFX Supervisor: Bryan Hirota, VFX Producer: Melissa Brockman “Poseidon” Feature Film Release 2006
Warner Bros., Director: Wolfgang Peterson CIS VFX Supervisor: Bryan Hirota, VFX Producer: Julie Orosz “The Reaping” Feature Film Release 2006
Warner Bros., Village Roadshow , Director: Stephen Hopkins CIS VFX Supervisor: Bryan Hirota, VFX Producer: Lisa Maher “Fantastic Four” Feature Film Release 2005
CIS VFX Supervisor: Bryan Hirota, VFX Producer: Melissa Brockman
“The Shaggy Dog” Feature Film Release 2006
Walt Disney Pictures, Director: Brian Robbins CIS VFX Supervisor: Tom Smith, VFX Producer: Julie Orosz FLASH FILM WORKS
“The Guardian” Feature Film Release 2006
Touchstone Pictures, Director: Andrew Davis VFX Supervisor: William Mesa, VFX Producer: Emily Wallin “Zelnorm” Commercial Pharmaceutical
“Snow Wonder” Feature Film End Titles
Comp Supervisor: Rob Cribbett, VFX Producer: Sarah Coatts
“Orange” Commercial Cingular France
“Sin City” Feature Film
Miramax/Dimension Films, Quentin Tarantino Sequence Directors: Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez Digital Supervisors: David Lombardi, Everett Burrell, Jeff Goldman ZOIC STUDIOS

“Serenity” Feature Film
Universal Pictures, Director: Joss Whedon VFX Producer: Kristen Branan, Comp. Supervisor: Patti Gannon
“Global Frequency” Television Pilot

Lead Compositor
“Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” Feature Film 2004
Paramount Pictures. VFX Supervisor: Andre Bustanoby, Assoc. VFX Supervisor: Jeff Kalmus, VFX Producer: Melissa Brockman “Because of Win-Dixie” Feature Film 2004
20th Century Fox. Animation Director: Randall Rosa DIGITAL FILM LABS
“Auto Focus” Feature Film 2002 Propaganda Films/ Sony Classics,
Producers: Alicia Allain, Scott Alexander, Pat Dollard, Larry Karaszewski, Todd Rosken, Director: Paul Schrader “Willard” Feature Film 2002 New Line Cinema, Hard Eight Pictures
Producers: Richard Brenner, Bill Carraro, Toby Emmerich, Glen Morgan, James Wong, Director: Glen Morgan “The Badge” Feature Film 2001
Propaganda Films, Producers: Alicia Allain, Randall Emmett, George Furla, Rick Hess, Avi Lerner, Trevor Macy, John Morrissey, MODERN VIDEOFILM

Visual Effects Co-Supervisor “Knock Off” Location: Hong Kong
Signature Ent./Sony Studios Producer: Moshe Diamant, Director: Tsui Hark “Double Team” Location: France, Italy
Mandalay Ent. Sony Studios Producer: Moshe Diamant, Director: Tsui Hark CRYSTAL SKY VISUAL FX

Visual Effects Producer/
“Noah’s Ark” Location: Australia
NBC/ Hallmark Ent. Director: John Irving

Visual Effects Supervisor
“Kindred the Embraced” Location: San Francisco

Visual Effects Co-Supervisor “The Van Helsing Chronicles”
“Star Trek Voyager” Paramount Studios Season 2 1995
VFX Producers, Peter Lauritson/ Dan Curry, VFX Supervisors David Stipes/ Joe “Tales From the Crypt” Silver Pictures/ HBO Seasons 3-5 1991-1993
Producers: Gil Adler, J. Silver, R. Donner, R. Zemeckis, W. Hill

Source: http://www.polarisfilms.net/zres.pdf

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