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1. Enhance environmental awareness. 2. Develop leadership and / or skills. 3. Promote spiritual consciousness. 4. Support outcomes based education. 5. Conduct volunteer projects inside the Park.
People’s Trail General info
The People’s Trail starts at Constantia Nek at 09h00, opposite the Constantia Nek Restaurant, where you will meet a Table Mountain National Park guides. You can access Constantia Nek via Rhodes Drive, Kirstenbosch, from Hout Bay or from the Wynberg/ Tokai / Constantia area. The 2-day trail is a 15km hike, which ends on Table Mountain Road at the bottom of Platteklip Gorge, where you will descend. The trail will end by 15:00.

• Ensure that you have your receipt and confirmation permit upon entry. If you fail to produce • The Centre runs on Solar Power instead of electricity so groups must please use the • No electrical appliances (e.g. irons, hair dryers, kettles, etc) are allowed to be used at the The People’s Trail hut is equipped with the following:
1. Solar lighting 2. Hot showers and flush toilets 3. A 4-burner gas stove 4. Three big bedrooms and two small bedrooms, with double bunks and mattresses. 5. A lounge area with tables and seating. 6. An indoor fire place for campfire purposes and to enhance good, social atmosphere. 7. An outdoor fireplace with a grid and an axe, for barbeque purposes. 8. Basic cooking utensils such as a kettle, a pot and a pan. PLEASE NOTE: The following is provided: Fire wood, toilet paper and dish washing liquid.
1. Matches 2. First Aid Kit: antiseptic cream, sterile gauze wound dressings, cotton wool, crepe bandages, elastoplast, pain tablets (Panado), anti- diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), Deep Heat etc. An asthma pump is essential for asthma sufferers. 3. Sleeping bag 4. Torch, with new batteries 5. Hiking gear (e.g. Water bottles, comfortable shoes & thick socks etc) 6. Toiletries (Including towels & sunblock) 7. Clothing (old warm clothes & cool clothes, raincoat, wide brimmed hat ) 8. Small ruck sack, a litter bag whilst on the trail, whistle for group leader. 9. Eating/ drinking utensils: cutlery, mug, plate, bowl, dish cloth, drying up cloth. The Centre is self-catering - remember to bring your own food. Cooking and food: trail food such as trail mix, peanuts / raisins, energy bars, dried fruit, cheese wedges, pro-vita, tuna, coffee / tea and sugar, dehydrated food, pasta and sauce, sandwiches for lunch, bread / rolls, milk powder / long-life milk, cereal, cup-a-soup, meat and spices, cool drink / powder. Please ensure that each individual participating in the People’s Trail, completes the Indemnity Form which must be given to the guides before the trail commences. BOOKING AND PAYMENT PROCEDURE
A booking may be made provisionally by a group or individual. This booking will only be confirmed once the group’s planned programme for the duration of occupation of the Centre has been approved and once a deposit of R100 has been paid. (within 5 working days after booking date) These prices are for previously disadvantaged groups only. The minimum group size of 10 people at a time. Failure to make payment within the stipulated time limit will result in the provisional booking
automatically being cancelled. The full payment must be deposited 4 weeks in advance by cash /
cheque / direct deposit into relevant account or Internet transfer. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED.
Cancellation of booking
Dates of bookings may be altered subject to the approval of the Table Mountain National Park provided that notice is given one month in advance of the original date reserved. No refund of tariff payments will be made should any group cancel. TMNP reserves the right to cancel the admission permit if it feels that the approved
programme is not adhered to. TMNP reserves the right to cancel / change bookings.
Contact: Nolene Mafakala, tel: 021 7018692, fax: 021 7018773, e-mail:


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