Sol Plaatje Municipality hereby invites bids for THE SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF VEHICLES CONTRACT NO: INFRA/TSD01/2011 One complete set of Tender Documents is available from the Contracts Department, 2 Market Square, City Hall, Kimberley, upon payment of an amount of R200.00 (Two hundred rand), which is non-refundable. Payment must be made at the cashiers on a “NO 10 deposit slip” using the following vote no: 21211 22602 853. The Tender Document outlines the detailed scope and submission requirements for the Tender. Kindly respond in detail to all of the categories as requested. The successful bidder will be required to fill in and sign a written contract (SBD 7) The Bid is subject to the General Conditions of Contract and any other special condition of Contract, and if applicable, any other special conditions of contract. • The evaluation committee will determine how many companies to short list All Tenders MUST comply with the following conditions: 1. Be submitted in a sealed envelope upon the outside thereof is clearly stated: The contract number and description of the tender submitted. The following documents must be included in the envelope together with the official bid document: An Original, valid Tax clearance Certificate (in terms of the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2001 published in Government Gazette No 22549 dated 10 August 2001) A Certified Copy of VAT Registration Certificate (if VAT number is not quoted in the Tax Clearance Certificate. • A current Municipal Rates Account. A certified copy of the original CIPRO certificate must be included in the bid document certifying registration of the business. If the bid is awarded to a contractor outside the boarders of Sol Plaatje Municipality, they may be expected to enter into a JV with a local company. Include value added tax: Tender prices excluding value added tax may not be considered. Bidders must be registered on the Sol Plaatje Municipality database. No rectification/correction fluid may be used on the bid document. In terms of section 13 of the Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations No. 27636 of 30 May 2005, the Municipal Manager shall reject all Tenders that do not comply with the following preconditions: A. Bidders that have not furnished the Municipality with his/her full names, identification number or company or other registration number and tax reference number and VAT registration number, if any. Bidders that have not submitted a valid original, tax clearance certificate from SARS. Bidders that have not indicated whether :- (a) he/she is in the service of the state or has been in the service of the state in the (b) If the bidder is not a natural person, whether any of its directors, managers, principal shareholders or stakeholder is in the service of the state or has been in the service of the state in the previous twelve months, or (c) Whether a spouse, child or parent of the bidder or of a director, manager, shareholders or stakeholder in the previous twelve months. D. Any special conditions as contained in the bid document. The highest points or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted, and the Municipality reserves the right to subdivide the contract and accept any portion of any Tender. Tenders will only be considered if the bidder has, in addition to his/her SARS Tax status, and his/her municipal tax and service charge obligations (rates, water and lights accounts) are in compliance with our Credit Control Policy and should a bidder fail to do so after a contract is awarded, the Council may cancel this contract. The bidder shall have no right whatsoever to claim damages resulting from such cancellation. Tenders will be evaluated in terms of the approved 90/10 point system of Sol Plaatje Municipality as detailed in Preference Points form SBD 6 enclosed in Tender document. ALL DEVIATIONS FROM THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF COUNCIL IN A COVERING LETTER ATTACHED TO THE TENDER DOCUMENT NO TENDERS OR COPIES OF TENDERS RECEIVED BY TELEX, TELEFAX MACHINE, E-MAIL OR PER TELEGRAM WILL BE CONSIDERED. SEALED TENDERS OUTWARDLY MARKED: CONTRACT NO: INFRA/TSD01/2011 must be addressed to the Municipal Manager and placed in the Bid Box, City Hall, Ground Floor not later than 11:00 on Monday 18th April 2011. Bids will be opened in public in the City Hall, Committee Room, immediately after closing on the same day. The successful bidder will be advised by post. INVITATION FROM:


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