Colorectal Cancer Treatment
Options by Stage of Diagnosis
The information below will help you understand some of the treatment options available during each stage of colorectal cancer.
Stages of Colorectal Cancer
determining prognosis Stage II
Yes, for rectal and high risk
Yes, for rectal cancer.
colon cancers. FOLFOX (5-FU/ Given in tandem with
5-FU or Xeloda
or CapeOx (Capecitabine/
Stage III
FOLFOX or CapeOx
Yes, for rectal cancer.
Given in tandem with
5-FU or Xeloda
Earliest stage of cancer Stage IV
Yes, if the tumor is
Yes, for rectal cancer
Possibly. Options
obstructive or blocking
Leucovorin/Irinotecan) plus
and in certain other
could be Radio
Stage IV=
the bowel
Bevacizumab or Cetux-
imab or Panitumumab or
Ablation (RFA) or
No, if the tumor is not
blocking the bowel
Treatment Options for Colorectal Cancer
Understanding all the treatment options available to you can be Biologics
overwhelming. What treatment will work for you? Which methods Biologics include a wide range of substances from animal products have proven to be most effective? Use this guide to explore your and other living sources (as opposed to chemically manufactured choices, get the facts about the latest breakthroughs, and under- medications) to prevent, diagnose or treat disease.
stand what each treatment option involves so you can work with your doctor to make an informed decision. Clinical trials are also Trade Name
Generic Name
available for all stages of colorectal cancer.
Resection is the partial or complete removal of an organ, such as Vectibix
Zaltrap Ziv-aflibercept
Chemotherapy refers to treatment using chemicals to kill cells
Interventional Radiology
that divide rapidly, such as harmful cancer cells. Interventional Radiology is a minimally invasive procedure involv- ing the precise placement of a needle into the body using imaging Trade Name
Generic Name
(MRI, X-ray, etc.) to target treatment to the source of the disease. 5Fluorouracil (5FU)
Treatment Types
• Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) – This procedure is used to
treat unresectable metastatic disease. An electrical current is Eloxatin
used to burn away the remaining tumor.
• Chemoembolization – Cancer-fighting agents are injected
• Microspheres – This procedure uses a catheter to deliver tiny
beads called microspheres that are coated with radiation, The Colon Cancer Alliance, Inc. is a not-for-profit (877) 422-2030 •
501(c)3 corporation. Tax ID# 86-0947831.


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