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On Hanukkah we tell the tale of our ancestors’ heroism, bravery and courage to embrace Judaism in a hostile world. We kindle candles to illuminate the way for humankind to move from darkness to light. In addition to telling the ancient tale, we honor some of our own Temple Beth El family who embrace their Jewish values and add a little light and holiness to a world in need of healing. Here is a brief description of how this year’s Shining Lights are working for tikkun olam. If you know these people, you’re aware that there’s much more to be said. If you haven’t yet met them, consider this your invitation to become acquainted and get the
Rose DeLiema is a Holocaust survivor. She remembers and honors those
who suffered and died, may they rest in peace, as well as those who
survived to carry on and form new lives and families. Rose has shared her
story with the community, speaking with schools and community groups,
year after year to ensure that “never again . . .”
Honey Henderstein is very active with Jewish War Veterans and has
been for quite a long time. She deals with all types of services, keeping in
touch personally to determine specific needs. Honey does too much to list:
she coordinates meals, collects coupons for prescriptions, gathers
handmade blankets and scarves for families, and also edits the newsletter.
Leah Levy is a compassionate volunteer for Jewish patients at Mission
Hospital. She is connected with the Spiritual Care Program. Leah doesn’t
just visit, but extends her calming manner and is open to talk, to hold a
hand, and to pray with the ailing. Her affectionate empathy is a gift she
shares generously.
Cindy Leish is our Mitzvah Day coordinator for Religious School. Over
the past few years, she has tirelessly identified, arranged and coordinated
opportunities for Temple Beth El families to perform mitzvot at beaches,
parks, hiking trails, and homes for the aged. Cindy is an active Girl Scout
leader and plans fun, educational and meaningful activities for the girls in
her charge. Lastly, Cindy is one of hundreds of Disaster Preparedness
volunteers whose training has prepared them to coordinate and direct the
residents of Laguna Niguel in the event of a major disaster such as a fire or

Bob Simon,
a neurologist here in Orange County, applies himself to
health issues as a member of the Alzheimer’s Association and a sponsor of
a Memory Walk Team. He actively supports population control through
Planned Parenthood and Zero Population Growth. Working towards the
planet’s sustainability, Bob supports and studies water use issues in
general, and transboundary environmental cooperation in the Middle East
through the Arava Institute. Bob is politically active, supporting our troops
through American Legion Post 291 while at the same time organizing
picketing against the war. On another green front, he supports and
volunteers at the UCI Arboretum.
Susie Wilson exemplifies the daily life of a young woman who cherishes
her culture and passionately embraces Judaism. Susie is continuing to
demonstrate the leadership skills and devotion built during her high school
years. Now a student at Cal State Northridge, Susie is an active participant
in all aspects of Jewish life on campus as a member of Gamma Alpha Theta
(a Jewish sorority), CSUN Students for Israel, CSUN Hillel, the Sinai
Scholars Program, and a volunteer in the Thursday night cooking and
baking crew, assuring that students have a hot meal and place to go on
Merritt Weiss is so busy with TBE activities (BE Sisters, gift shop and
more) that it’s hard to imagine how she finds time for her very valuable
work at New Vista School. She is a board member at New Vista, chairing
many of the major fundraising events necessary for the specialized
programs that cannot be found in other educational settings. Additionally,
Merritt has been an organizer for Relay for Life which raises funds for the
American Cancer Society.
Bea Wohl has a very special talent and shares it in a vital way: she
serves as a Yiddish translator for hospitals all over the country. When a
patient speaks only Yiddish, Bea will spend hours on the phone with the
patient and the health care providers insuring understanding among them,
under often stressful conditions. Bea also offers Yiddish programs at
Heritage Pointe and Laguna Woods, teaching Yiddish history, culture and

Source: http://www.templebethelsoc.org/Hanukkah%202010%20Synaplex%20-%20Shining%20Lights.pdf

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