Free For All
This directory will guide you to hundreds of useful, ex-citing, or worthless things that this project did not orwould not supply. Using this list, one could easily stocka medicine cabinet with most items that are commonlyneeded (in some cases different brands or variationsof the same item). Interesting products for the kitchenor home office are available as well (labels, magnets,coffee, etc). Try to sustain your home supplies of asmany items as possible by requesting all of these freesamples. Certain samples may hold you for quite sometime. You might also call a lot of these numbers well inadvance of a trip - particularly if you are camping orgoing somewhere exotic. By the time you leave youwill have nice toiletries to take with you in convenientsample sizes. Calling any of these numbers will prob-ably result in a hefty supply of junk mail, but perhapsyou can find a use for that as well.
1. 1-800-523-9971 Free Olbas herbal cold medicine sample2. 1-800-992-1672 Free sample of Valerian muscle relaxant3. 1-800-547-2300 Free sample of K-Y jelly4. 1-800-867-7258 Free sample of sea salts5. 1-800-284-9123 Free sample of everclean shampoo6. 1-800-383-0251 Free Ink solve hand cleaner sample7. 1-800-297-4888 Free sample of alpha hydrox skin care stuff8. 1-800-645-4337 Free sample of Glide mint flavored dental floss9. 1-888-478-7355 Free sample of purell hand sanitizer (parents magazine)10. 1-800-405-0800 Free lifestyles condoms11. 1-800-733-7546 Free Vaseline sample pack12. 1-800-354-0387 Free Gillette Sensor Excell razor13. 1-800-746-8888 Free Zilactin medicated lip balm14. 1-800-721-1331 Free coupon for Ciba vision contact lenses15. 1-800-361-8068 Free sample of O.B. Tampons16. 1-800-232-0670 Free sample of Supra C for contacts lens17. 1-800-548-3663 Free sample of Rembrante tooth paste18. 1-800-688-3933 Free sample of Be Sure gas relief19. 1-800-487-6526 Free sample of Ultra Pleasure condoms20. 1-800-756-9882 Free sample of Neutrogena hand cream21. 1-360-692-1909 Free sample of herbal phen-fen22. 1-888-311-0020 Free depilatory cream from Cutex23. 1-800-262-8765 Free sample of Kavatrol(supposed to relax you)24. 1-888-767-6453 Free sample of Smile-Maxx teeth whitening tablets25. 1-888-858-7266 Free sample of Lactaid26. 1-888-456-7474 Free sample of Poise Bladder control pads27. 1-800-olay-skin Free sample of Olay body wash and free puff28. 1-800-411-5656 Free sample of UP/DOWN time herbal supliment29. 1-888-8in-sync Free sample of IN Sync miniforms for light days30. 1-800-226-6227 Free sample of Camo facial therapy products31. 1-800-342-2273 Free samples of face care products from DHC32. 1-800-448-3022 Free samles of Playtex Slim Fit tampons33. 1-800-793-1695 Free Believers Bonus pack from Alcon(for contacts)34. 1-800-848-5900 Free Astro Glide personal lubricant35. 1-800-865-8438 Free sample of Playtex Gentle Glide tampons36. 1-800-574-2309 Free sample of Excedrin Migraine pain relief37. 1-800-669-3275 Free sample of either lemon balm #359, organic feverfew #808, frontier clary sage #729, marshmallow root herbs #610 (mentiontheir web page) 38. 1-888-chr-isti Free sample of Christie Brinkley’s Believe perfume39. 1-800-4-pepcid Free sample of Pepcid AC40. 1-800-508-5252 Free sample of Focus contact lenses(for astigmatism) FOOD AND MISC.
1. 1-800-669-3275 Free sample of peppermint leaves2. 1-888-554-3767 Free Bounty chip clip3. 1-800-310-5662 Free sample of Colombian coffee4. 1-800-460-7532 Free Amazon Rainforest Tea5. 1-800-597-2267 Free food pyramid magnet6. 1-800-585-1300 Free book (100 action principals of the shaolin) Karate 7. 1-888-gpo-upon Free recipe book from grey poupon8. 1-800-997-7358 Free sample of Vita spelt pasta9. 1-800-373-7226 Free sample of SACO powdered buttermilk blend?10. 1-888-816-5491 Free sample of Enviro-Action multi purpose cleaner11. 1-800-646-0012 Free sample 5 min phone card from Immodium AD12. 1-888-743-6627 Free Sample 15 min phone card from toyota13. 1-800-699-4753 Free sample of tea from Water and Leaves14. 1-800-382-8728 Free sample of chinese slim tea15. 1-800-684-3322 Free calendar about Nature16. 1-800-964-3826 Free sample of diet tea or coffee17. 1-888-590-6284 Free video “Women’s Workout” from Reebok18. 1-888-644-6226 Free info pack about alternative medicines19. 1-800-833-8737 Free sample of “Happy Camper” Herbal stimulant20. 1-800-761-9809 Free recipe board from Spice of Life OTHER FREE ITEMSFree Secret Deodorant 1-800-732-7383Free After Bite Insect Wipes 1-888-258-4696Free Gilette Sensor Excel Razor 1-800-354-0387Free sample of “Believe” perfume 1-888-247-4784Free sample Poise Pad with Side Shields 1-888-456-7474Free 2oz Tube of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream 1-800-756-9882Free sample of Excedrin Migraine Tablets and Relief Guide 1-800-301-0024Free Bottle Baby Magic Lotion w/ “New Born” Coupon Package 1-800-228-7408Free CamoCare Facial Therapy Products Sample 1-800-226-6227Free Pregnancy Test 1-800-CARE-002Free Dove Beauty Bar 1-800-454-7669Free Tylenol Product Sample 1-800-962-5357Free Promotional Sports Cards 1-800-220-8179Free sample of Cinnamon TheraFlu 1-888-368-2624Free Opti-free Contac Lens Protein Remover 1-800-354-4972Plank Road Music Sampler 1-800-437-0832Free Dental Floss 1-800-645-4337Free TransUnion Credit Report (Recently Denied Credit Applicants Only) Free Color Soft Shampoo 1-888-390-6866Free “Squirril Away” Powder Sample 1-800-229-5454Free Towelette tooth wipe sample 1-888-WE-SMILEFree Snapple Drink 1-800-SNAPPLEFree Nescafe Coffee 1-800-637-2233Free Herbal Tea 1-800-373-3832Free Style Beans 1-800-200-9272Free Crayola Stain Removal Guide 1-800-272-9652Free Post-It Notes for Ink-Jet & Laser Printers 1-800-330-3966Free Magnetic Bounty Snack Bag 1-888-554-3767Free Information on ANY US Government Agency, Service or Program Free Adobe Image Library Browser Demo CD-ROM 1-888-502-8393Free Aveno Skin Lotion 1-888-428-3366Free Edge Pro Gel Sample 1-888-368-1305 Free Purina One Dog Food 1-800-787-0078 x40Free Peach Ice Tea Crystal Light 1-800-562-3434Free Pepcid Sample 1-800-473-7243Free Beano 1-800-257-8650Free Trial Issue of “House Beautiful” Magazine (cancel after 1) Free Trial Issue of “Chili Peppers” Cooking Magazine (cancel after 1) Free sample of “Journey Perfume”-A new fragrance from Mary Kay Free sample of Purell Hand Sanitizer 1-888-478-7355Free Lifestyles Condom sample and Info Booklet 1-800-405-0080Free sample of “TPR” - Therapeutic Pain Rub 1-800-959-1007Free Oil of Olay Moisturizing Body Wash sample and Free Puff Ball(0.7oz) Free sample “N-ZYME5” -A Natural Digestive Enzyme Product 1-800-247-7730Free 4-Day Trial of HT-400 Weight Loss Supplement 1-800-447-8841Free sample of “Recource” Nutritional Drink- Chocolate or Vanila Free Gordon’s Seafood Recipes Booklet 1-800-222-6846Free sample of “Vita-Spelt” Grain Baking Product 1-800-997-7358Free 700 Club “Fact Sheet” from The Christian Broadcast Network Free 1998 EDF “Wonders of Wildlife” Calendar 1-800-684-3322Free Pledge Coupon 1-888-647-5334Free Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation 1-800-810-0875Free Advanced Curad Aqua-Protect Bandage sample and $1.00 Coupon THE LIST- Free Advertising Tell them Annette had you call for even more offers Free (3oz) sample of Rembrandt Toothpaste 1-800-548-3663Free sample of Dad’s Brand Premium Puppy Food 1-800-600-3237Free Ziploc Baggie’s Money Saving Coupons 1-800-428-4795Free Goodnights from Huggies 1-800-583-9966Free NutraSweet E-Z Survival Kit 1-800-632-8935Free SoftLens 66 Contact Lenses 1-800-583-7778Free Similac Baby Formula Sample 1-800-222-9546Free Disney Vacation Planning Video 1-800-453-4844Free Cutex Ultra Nail Lacquer 1-800-335-2243Free Trial Pack of O.B. Applicator Tampons 1-800-361-8068Free Sweet Success Meal Planner 1-800-318-8730Free Coupon and Recipes from The McCormick Spice Company 1-800-632-5847Free “Miracle Whip Cooks” Recipes Booklet from Kraft 1-800-523-4660Free 3-pc sampler of Old-Tyme Sugar-Free Taffy 1-800-874-0261Free Breathe-Right Nasal Strips sample and $1.50 Coupon 1-800-858-6673Free “Celebrity Skin Care Secrets” Booklet from Vaseline 1-888-449-8477Free sample of Nutra Cell Nutritional Supplements/Vitamins 1-888-592-9229Free Saco Powdered Buttermild Blend Mix 1-800-373-7226Free Neutraceutical Slim Diet Coffee or Tea Sample 1-800-964-3826 Free Slimfits Tampons from Playtex 1-800-448-3022Free Oral B Nickelodeon Rugrats Toothpaste Sample 1-800-577-5952Free InSyne Miniform Feminine Protection Product 1-888-846-7962Free Louisiana Tourism Vacation Kit 1-800-41-GUMBOFree Good Seasonings Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing Sample 1-800-874-6586Free Kimlan Soy Sauce 1-800-FREE-SOYFree Mai tonic tea sample 1-800-747-7418Free Sample EverClean Shampoo 1-800-284-9123Free Sample Computer Labels 1-888-283-7972 x144Free Victoria’s Secret Catalog 1-800-HER-GIFTFree Curel Lotion 1-800-287-3597Free Cycletrol Cat Litter Box Freshener 1-800-542-2939Free Odorless Garlic(kyalic) 1-800-688-3933Free Ocushist Eye Drops 1-888-628-4478Free Ensure Sample 1-800-986-8535Free Gerber “Dices” Sample 1-800-443-7237Free Halogen Light Bulb Cover 1-800-985-2220Free Cortexx Shampoo Sample 1-888-CORTEXXFree Ink Solv30 hand cleaner Sample 1-800-383-0251Free Resolve Carpet Cleaner Brush 1-800-781-8778Free Naturally Soft Sample 1-888-311-0020Free CD-ROM Trial Edition of “Quick Books” Accounting Software from Free Lever 2000 Anti-bacterial Soap 1-800-418-2453Free Food Pyramid Magnet 1-800-597-2267Free Redbok “Women’s Training” Workout CD-ROM 1-888-590-6284Free Loft’s Grass Seeds 1-888-775-6387Free Poster of Sherrie Austin,Country Singer 1-888-374-3774Free Martin Luther King,Jr. “Living The Dream” Poster 1-800-729-6686Free “Nestles Quik Sticker” from Nestles 1-888-758-7766Free $1.50 Coupon off Purchase of Colgate Platinum Toothpaste Free “Cooking with Cranberries” Recipe Booklet from Ocean Spray Free “Inventor’s Kit” - Everything You need To Patent Your Invention Free Swanson Low-Fat “Make-Over” Recipes Booklet 1-800-479-2676Free A-1 Original Steak Sauce “Discover The Flavors” Free Recipe Booklet Free Wisk Pretreater Sample 1-800-ASK-WISKNeed to Settle a Dispute call TV’S JUDGE JUDY 1-888-800-JUDYFree “Tyvek” Mailing Envelopes Sampler Pack from DuPont 1-800-448-9835Free Outlet Mall Helpline-Brochures, Maps and Info on Nationwide Outlet Free 10-Minute Phone Card from Canadian Whiskey 1-888-890-8028Free 5-Minute Phone Card from Immodium Advanced (for short survey) Free sample of “Nixalite”-Protect Your Property from Pest Birds Free Waterbed Conditioner and Catalog 1-800-495-7533 Free Ferry-Morse Flower Seed Pack and Newsletter- Join the Free “Garden Free sample of “SepticCare” for Septic Tank/Cesspool Systems Free Home Energy Saving Kit 1-800-GET-PINKFree ’98 Pet Calendar 1-800-294-1400 (press 1)Free Video on GERD Disease & Heartburn 1-800-HT-BURNFree State Farms “Working Womans Wedding Planner” 1-888-733-8368Free Booklet “All Vitamins Are Not Equal” 1-800-937-0500 (x1690)Free Breast Exam Shower Card 1-888-227-5552Free ABC Network Free Drug Guide for Children 1-800-222-3329Free Sample of Zilactin Baby Teething Medicine 1-800-746-8888Free Catalog-Great Christian Books 1-800-775-5422Free Video from Century21 Remodeling 1-800-685-8554Free Eden Pasta Recipe Brochure 1-800-248-0302Free Vitamin Guide 1-800-992-8451 (xNAH1)Free Recipes & Coupons from EdenSoy 1-888-424-EDENFree Hormel Recipes & Coupon Booklet 1-800-523-4635Free Collection of Bread Machine Recipes 1-800-373-7226Free Land’O’Lake Cheese Recipes 1-800-782-9602Free Oscar Meyer Bologna Recipes 1-800-522-9477 (x0012)Free Sargento’s Cheese Recipes 1-800-223-7702Free Cream of Wheat Free Recipes 1-888-HOT-CEREALFree Info Pack-”Abolish the IRS” 1-800-324-7829Free Camel Cigarette Premiums 1-800-226-3522Free Virginia Slims Catalog 1-800-868-9327Free Basic Cigarette Premiums Catalog 1-800-343-0975Free Merit Cigarette Premiums Catalog 1-800-884-5777Free Carlton Cigarette Premiums Catalog 1-800-569-3781Free Spice For Life 18 page recipe book 1-800-761-9809Free Sample Cervital Antioxidant 1-800-831-9505Free M&M’s Recipe Booklet 1-800-627-7852Free Campbells Soup Recipes 1-800-401-SOUPFree Sports One Supplement Samples 1-800-624-8787USA Rice Council Recipes 1-800-795-7423Free King Arthur Flour Recipes Catalog 1-800-777-4434Free Ranch Style Beans 1-800-382-6363Free Mrs.Dash Recipe Club 1-800-622-3274Free Ro-Tel Recipe Booklet 1-800-544-5680Free Sample of Godet White Chocolate 1-888-879-4633Free Near East Rice Recipe Booklet 1-800-399-4488Free Sample of NutraSalt 1-800-206-9454Free Alaska Salmon Recipes & Offers 1-800-LUV-SAMNFree Brochure Car Care Tips 1-800-9-FIRESTONEFree Subscription to the “Ultress Insider” 1-888-4-ULTRESSFree Vitasona Product Coupon 1-888-VITAL-USFree Myrtle Beach Vacation Planner 1-800-356-3016Free NordicTrac Video 1-800-441-2371Free Just My Size Catalog & Coupons 1-800-978-FITSFree Take A Bite Out Of Crime Comic Book 1-800-627-2911 Free Sample of Curtail anti-gas med.for your pet 1-800-257-8650FreeGrey Poupon Classic Recipes 1-800-GP-DIJONFree activity book from MooTown Snackers 1-800-243-3737Free sample EZ-QUI Household Cleaner 1-800-847-4526Free Kraft 2% cheese recipe booklet 1-800-659-0683Free Mazola Corn Oil recipe brochures 1-800-338-8831Free Merrick Dog Food Snacks 1-800-936-3354Free Closet Design Video 1-800-200-9272Join Triaminic Parent’s Club 1-888-935-5543Free Video “Taking Charge of Your TV” 1-800-452-6351Free sample of Phisoderm Face Wash 1-888-TRY-PHISOFree 1998 Calendar from Sun Up Gallery 1-888-887-8687Free Pepperidge Farm Pastry Recipes 1-800-762-8301Free Del Monte Tomato Recipe Booklet 1-800-244-5616Free Lactaid Ultra Sample 1-888-858-7266Free Carnation quick fix recipes 1-800-240-9424Free Living With Asthma Booklet 1-800-722-4337Free Video on Nail Fungus 1-800-928-7374Free Take Control of Diabetes Video 1-800-517-4411Free Weight Loss Cassette 1-800-511-3357Free Equal Cooking Recipes and Coupons 1-800-323-5316Free Foster & Smith Puppy Training Guide 1-800-826-7206Join Doral & Co. For Coupons & Offers 1-800- 743-6725Free Microflex Surgical Latex Gloves 1-800-876-6866Free Sega CD-ROM 1-888-734-2736Free Hearing Loss Video & Booklet 1-800-896-6400Free Gerber Baby Food Coupons 1-800-443-7237Free Cruise Planner 1-888-Y-CRUISEFree Join K-Mart’s Baby of Mine Club 1-800-533-0143Free Riunite Wine Guide 1-888-407-4864Free Chinese Herbals $15 worth of Coupons 1-800-877-1704Free Business Success Kit 1-800-255-6380Free Teach Your Dog To Play Frisbee 1-888-444-ALPOFree Ezo Denture Adhesive 1-800-476-2252Free Printer Paper Samples from Avery 1-888-283-7972 (Ext.144)Free Child Safety Kit (Polly Klaas Foundation) 1-800-587-HELPGet your FREE sample of ThermoLift (This product is for losing weight) Free sample of Fanas Pain Relief Cream 1-800-957-5513Free Information Kit for Cookbook Fund Raising 1-800-227-7282Free Charleston,SC Beach Guide 1-800-868-8118 FOR BABIES1.1-800-222-9546 Free starter pack of similac formula2. 1-800-505-2742 Free SIDS video, sticker, and babysitter reminder3. 1-800-577-5952 Free sample of oral-b rugrats toothpaste4. 1-800-443-7237 Free sample of gerber baby dices5. 1-800-969-5268 Free sample of Childrens chewable mylanta6.1-800-care-002 Free pregnancy test

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Cpef minutes 9-14-09

Members Present: Jim Gilbert, Ethan Ebenstein, Mike Brown, Harold Schneider, Janet Moore, Julie Ebenstein and Jim Gilbert called the meeting to order at 8 am. Harold presented the new CPEF page which is currently under construction on the www.cppschools.com website. He also demonstrated the CPEF Facebook account which is now up and operational. • Jim Gilbert will forward a complete list of c

Permethrin-10 specimen label

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: This product is highly toxic to fish. Do not apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present, or to intertidal areas below the high water mark. Do not apply where runoff is likely to occur. Do not apply when wind speeds exceed 10 mph. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment wash- waters. Shrimp and crab may be killed if application rates re

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