Jordan S. Josephson, MD
triamtene (Dyazide) and hydro- Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital
chlorothiazide (HydroDIURIL)—tohelp the kidneys excrete excessfluids. This can help prevent fur-ther attacks of Ménière’s disease.
mental toxins, but certain peoplemay have a sensitivity that causes Often-overlooked triggers can make you suffer needlessly.
(carbon monoxide from cigarettesmoke and automobile exhaust)…food (pesticide residues on pro- tion (sinusitis) typically begins with a cold or an by sinuses, hollow acute sinusitis (lasting Do not smoke. If you do, consult
However: Few peo-
Wash produce. Remove pesti-
Helpful: Be vigilant
Drink bottled water. If you are
Also: Clean your
Frontal sinus
Ethmoid sinus
Maxillary sinus
Bottom Line/Health interviewed
Throat Hospital and a sinus specialist andfunctional endoscopic sinus surgeon in private practice, both in New York City.
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polyps can obstruct sinus openings,which can allow sinusitis to devel- The Whole Truth About Mold in Your Home
op. Polyps are diagnosed with a CTscan or endoscopy, an outpatientprocedure during which a flexible, For several years,the news media have carried a variety of scare stories about toxic black mold,a greenish black fungus known as Stachybotrys chartarum. Some people who say they’ve been exposed to this mold in their homes now suffer from debilitating fatigue, severe joint pain, brain damage and a variety of other ailments. The only problem is, there’s little scientific evidence at this point to definitively link mold However, scientific research clearly states that the spores released by mold can trigger allergy attacks, asthma, itchy eyes, a chronic runny nose Here’s how to protect yourself from these troublesome complaints… Do a home check. If you—or someone you live with—have any of
the conditions described above, do a mold check of your home. Get a bright flashlight and inspect damp areas, including the basement floor and walls, bathroom, door and window frames and sills, the floor and steroids, such as prednisone, to re- walls around pipes, and any place where moisture has accumulated.
Look carefully at your shower curtains and linen closet. Mold is usually visible—white, green or black, slightly fuzzy, and clustered in single or multiple patches—or can be detected by its musty scent.
Important: When you’re inspecting and cleaning your house, protect
yourself from mold spores by wearing latex gloves, a mask (a carbon-filter respiration model is ideal) and goggles.
Focus on carpeting. If your carpeting is more than 10 years old—or
it just smells moldy—check it carefully. Pull up the section of carpeting most likely to have gotten damp, including areas near windows, radiators and bathrooms. If one section is moldy, replace all the carpeting in that room. Do not install carpeting in the kitchen or bathroom. If you have carpeting in these areas, remove it and install hard flooring (wood, tile or resilient vinyl), which can easily be washed and dried.
Remove mold. Don’t go overboard by using cleaning solutions that
are more toxic than your mold. Hot, soapy water is adequate for wash- ing. Kill any remaining mold by wiping the area with a rag saturated with undiluted white vinegar. Then use a dry cloth to remove all moisture Control humidity in your home. Because dampness leads to mold
growth, indoor humidity should not exceed 50%. To measure humidity levels, buy a humidity meter, available in hardware stores for about $8.
To reduce humidity, use a bathroom fan whenever you shower, a kitchen Warning signs: In addition to re-
fan when cooking and promptly dry water spills or leaks. If you live in a humid climate, consider using a dehumidifier and/or air conditioning for For more information, go to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Web site, www.epa.gov, and enter the term “mold” in the search line. Or Jamison Starbuck, ND, is a naturopathic physician in family practice and a lecturer at the University of Montana, both in Missoula. She is past president of the American Association of Helpful: Irrigate the nose with a
Naturopathic Physicians and a contributing editor to The Alternative Advisor: The Complete Guideto Natural Therapies and Alternative Treatments (Time Life). Please send comments and sugges- tions for future columns to Dr. Starbuck in care of Bottom Line/Health, Box 10702, Stamford, CT 06913-2061…or via E-mail at AskJS@Boardroom.com.
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Lisa Holtby
cheaper. Sterilize eight ounces ofdistilled water by boiling it brieflyon the stove, then let it cool toroom temperature. Add one-quarterteaspoon of salt to the water.
Important: Be sure to measure ac-
can damage mucous-producing cellsin the nose. pot, sold in health-food stores, topour the fluid into one nostril untilit runs out the other nostril. Repeatthe procedure on the other side.
help, you may need surgery to re-pair the septum. It’s an outpatientprocedure performed with local Many people assume that following exercises. Recline in the resting pose for five to 10 minutes.
Helpful: Blow one nostril at a
Purpose: Lengthens the spine,
What to do: Sit upright in a
consult your doctor before starting.
Helpful: Record the instructions,
What to do:
■ Mucus is white, yellow or green.
Bottom Line/Health interviewed Lisa
for 11 years and the author of Healing Yoga for People Living with Cancer BOTTOM LINE health ■ 11

Source: http://www.drjjny.com/docs/sinusitis.pdf


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