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Integrated product deliveries are defined as: Con-struction which allows the development of innova- tive knowledge products and the industrialisation of building products and construction process. Integrated Per Kortegaard, Assistant Professor, Architect, Ar- product deliveries suits construction with significant chitect, Lars Hvam, Professor, Civ. Eng. Niels Henrik repetition. Within this system a building is not de- Mortensen, Civ. Eng., Anne Beim, Professor, Architect.
signed from the existing component level, but adapts more complex and multi-technological components - so-called integrated products, developed by the system contractors. The products are multi-technological in Aarhus School of Architecture, Associated Professor, the sense that they integrate various technologies and Architect, Per Kortegaard DTU, Technical University of disciplines. They are therefore far more complex than Denmark, Professor, Civ. Ing. Lars Hvam and Profes- the construction systems we know of today.
sor, Civ. Ing Niels Henrik Mortensen, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Profes- Construction of integrated products delivered in this context is covered in broader terms: Both as a func-tional - or physical entity.
• Functional entities such as indoor environmental con- trol, water or electricity supply systems and bathroom Window assembly in production hall, Myresjø.
The network works with system deliveries in a broad • Physical entities such as foundations, unfinished sense, including developing theory, methods and prac- buildings, facades, fixtures, and toilets.
tical projects from “subsystems”, “spatial systems” to - System Design and System Concepts in Industri- “building systems”. The study takes place both on the The purpose of the Network is to develop and com- conceptual level and at the specific level of develop- - Development of system products based on the use of municate new knowledge within the field of new industrialised architecture and construction in Denmark - Business infrastructure in integrated product deliver- by focusing on development of system deliveries. The The Network’s objective will be realized in close coop- intention is to integrate and test the latest technol- eration between the involved parties specifically to ex- - Considering house as a total integrated product deliv- ogy. Focus is on design, sustainability, new production ploit the synergies of different professional expertise.
methods and organization - concerning architecture, - Sustainable integrated product deliveries in renova- The Network’s objective will be realized in close coop- • Establishment of a research network – and a series Detailed descriptions of the individual PhD projects are eration between the involved parties specifically to ex- ploit the synergies of different professional expertise.
• Knowledge sharing activities• Generate PhD projects

Source: http://www.karch.dk/inst2/Materiale/Architectural+technology+2011/66+SYSBYG+-+INTEGRATED+PRODUCT+DELIVERIES+IN+BUILDING.pdf


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Sweden packing suggestions

River Drybag Packing Suggestions 1. One drybag: for sleeping bag, pad and pillow, sheet (optional for hot nights), small tarp (optional), a roll-a-cot is the best! Roll-a-cot won’t fit in a dry bag. 2. One small day drybag cold weather gear bag (I don’t usually bring this for hot rivers like the Grand)- easily accessible during the day, splash jacket, splash pants, long underwear pants,

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